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2018 DIO Digital Symposium in Los Angeles

LA 18 March, 2018

  • Lecture on Digital Workflow

  • Lecture on Digital Workflow

DIO, '2018 DIO Digital Symposium in Los Angeles' ends successfully
Digital Dentistry Vision was presented.
Digital Dentistry DIO Corporation (CEO Jinchoel Kim, Jinbaek Kim) successfully completed '2018 DIO Digital Symposium in Los Angeles' held at Hilton Pasadena Hotel in Los Angeles on March 18th.

The symposium, which was attended by more than 100 dentists in the vicinity of Los Angeles, is a demonstration of DIO's innovative solution "DIO Digital Chairside Solution" and a clear roadmap for digital dentistry.
First, Vice President of DIO John Chung focused on the direction and process of DIO pursuing the theme of 'Present and Future of DIO Digital Solution'.

In addition, Prof. William Choi (Stanford University Medical Center) and Prof. Dyani Gaudilliere (Stanford University Medical Center) shared a variety of clinical cases and know-how about factors affecting implant placement accuracy with the theme "Factors Influencing Accuracy of Dental Implant Placement".

In the afternoon, Prof. Byungho Choi (Wonju Severance Hospital, Yonsei University) participated in the afternoon session as the subject of 'Guided Flapless Surgery in Challenging Cases & Full Digital Workflow for Edentulous Patients' He gave lectures on guide digital surgery and a full digital workflow for edentulous patients using digital implant ‘DIOnavi’ which inspired the participants.
Finally, Dr. Eugene Kim (SD General Dentistry Group) gave a lecture on "Butterfly Effect of Digital Guided Implant System" and shared the excellence of DIOnavi.

A local dentist who attended DIO LA Symposium said, "I was impressed that DIO digital technology has evolved so far. We will apply DIO advanced technology to clinic operation and utilize it for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the future. "
"This symposium is a great opportunity to fascinate DIO unique digital solution by participating in a large number of franchise dentists and local dentists in the vicinity of Los Angeles," said Kyuhun Kim, chief executive officer of DIO USA. We will continue to lead the United States and the world market, starting with 'DIO Digital Chairside Solution'.
  • Lecture on Digital Workflow

  • Lecture on Digital Workflow

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