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ADX 18 Sydney (Australia Dental Exhibition 18)

Australia 23-25 Mar, 2018

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  • Exhibition Stands

DIO, draws admiration for innovative solutions at ADX18 (Australia Dental Exhibition 18).
'UV implant system' Praised
The leading company of digital dentistry, DIO Corporation (CEO Jinchoel Kim, Jinbaek Kim), successfully participated in 'Australia Dental Exhibition 18' (ADX18) held at Sydney International Convention Center in Australia for three days from March 23rd to 25th. Finished.

'ADX18' is the largest dental exhibition in Australia with more than 500 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors.
At this exhibition, DIO presents the differentiated booth and digital workflow lineup 'DIO Digital Chairside Solutions' with the concept of 'the most, the first and the best', and captured the attention on the visitor’s eyes.
In particular, the 'UV implant system', which maximizes the hydrophilic effect when irradiated for 10 minutes before the implant procedure, was outstanding among the products exhibited.
In addition, a live demonstration of 'UV Implant System' was held at the exhibition booth.

First, Dr. Victor Tsang(Sydney, Digital Dental Surgery) explains the photocatalytic effects of UV irradiation and helps to understand the 'UV Implant System'. Then, the fixture surface was irradiated with UV light and the demonstration of the hydrophilic test of the fixture surface was presented.
An Australian local doctor who attended the live demonstration said, "I could not help being surprised to see blood wettability on the fixture surface by UV irradiation for 10 minutes," admits DIO’s innovative technology. It is expected to launch. "

Timothy CJ Lee, General Manager of DIO Australia who planned the event, said, "In Australia, DIOnavi. has the largest number of cases, numbers of implant placement, and sales growth among the digital guide systems". And he said “DIO’s overwhelming technology proves it. I am confident that DIO will become a new global leader in the dental market as well as Australia."
At the event, DIO got many inquiries about the launch schedule of UV implant in Australia and purchase inquiry of UV implant system and request a demonstration of the digital implant DIOnavi.
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