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DIO took successful first step toward digital orthodontic solution in

Korea 29 April, 2018

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DIO took successful first step toward digital orthodontic solution in
‘2018 DIO Digital Orthodontics Symposium’
A leading company of digital dentistry, DIO Corporation(CEO Jin-cheol Kim, Jin-baek Kim) held ‘2018 DIO Digital Orthodontics Symposium’ at Busan Digital Dentistry Academy of DIO HQ in Busan on April 29th.
The symposium held by orthodontic specialist and scholar was subject of the present and future of digital orthodontics and over 100 dentists attended.

First, Dr. Hyun-sung Chung(Seoul First Clinic) gave a lecture on the theme of ‘Complete conquest of orthodontic bracket – evolution to digital’ and attracted attention.
The 3rd lecture was received by Prof. Sung-sik Kim(Department of Orthodontics, Dental College of Busan National University) sharing the digital orthodontic know-how applied in clinical field with the theme of ‘Clinical application of 3D digital orthodontic device’.
Lastly, the subject of ‘The furture of digital orthodontics’ was addressed by Dr. Gi-sun Bae(Sun Orthodontic Clinic) and focused on preparing and reading the trend of digital orthodontics.

Jin-baek Kim(CEO, DIO Corporation) said “I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the interest and encouragement in DIO Digital Orthodontics Symposium to attendee.
We will continue to make every effort to become the center of academic exchange for digital orthodontics with this symposium.”.
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