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DIO Digital Solution Blasts Great Wall In China

China(Chengdu) 23 May, 2018

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DIO Digital Solution Blasts Great Wall In China
‘2018 DIO Digital Symposium in Chengdu’
A leading company of digital dentistry, DIO Corporation (CEO Jincheol Kim, Jinbaek Kim) successfully completed '2018 DIO Digital Symposium in Chengdu' held at JW Marriott Hotel, Chengdu, China on May 23rd.
More than 150 Chinese dentists participated in the symposium, and they were amazed and impressed by DIO's innovative solutions.

First, Executive Vice President, Taeyoung Kim, gave a presentation on ‘the current status of the dental system' and presented the future of the dental system that will be changed by digital.
Prof. Liu Fuxiang (Sacheon University Hwaseo Dental Hospital) gave a lecture on ‘Introduction of Full Digital Guide System’, which presents the full digital guide system in an easy-to-understand manner with questions and answers section.
Prof. Byungho Choi (Wonju Severance Hospital, Yonsei University) participated and delivered a lecture on 'Digital Guide Surgery Advantage and Use' and 'Flapless Crestal Sinus Augmentation' that include clinical cases and know-how of surgery got great response from the participants.
Lastly, Dr. Zeng Quan (China Railway Group, the Second Board of the Central Hospital) presented ‘DIOnavi. clinical case’ and ‘Improvement of clinic management with DIO Digital Solutions’ focused on the participants and conveyed frequent questions and answers about actual clinic operation.
A local dentist attending the symposium said, “I’ve tried a lot of digital solutions from several companies, but the innovative solution of DIO made me impressed. I enjoyed the high quality lectures and the communication with DIOnavi. I hope DIO will continue to bring the most innovative solution in the future.”

"The potential of DIO's innovative technology will provide differentiated value to the clinic," said Taeyoung Kim, executive director of DIO Overseas Business Division.
"The acceptance of new technology will continue to invest in technological innovation in the fastest Chinese market in the world and lead the digital dentistry."
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