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DIO, 'DIO Digital Symposium in Taichung'

Taiwan 3 Jun, 2018

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DIO, 'DIO Digital Symposium in Taichung'
Taiwan Taichung Digital Implant "DIOnavi" was admired
A leading company of digital dentistry, DIO, (CEO Jinchoel Kim, Jinbaek Kim) successfully completed 'DIO Digital Symposium in Taichung' held at Taipei Tempus Hotel, Taiwan on June 3rd. An event held in Taichung area was attended by an unprecedented 100 local dentists and stakeholders and once again proved its popularity.

Prof. Byungho Choi (Wonju Severance Hospital, Yonsei University) and Prof.Seungmi Jung (Wonju Severance Hospital, Yonsei University) are the speakers of the symposium with themes of △Flap vs. Flapless Implant Surgery △Guide Digital Implant Surgery △Flapless Crestal Sinus Bone Augmentation surgery using full digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ and various clinical data, "I had a lot of questions about the actual procedure, but I was able to participate in the symposium, and I got various clinical experiences indirectly," said a local dentist who attended the symposium.

Yoonbal Phil, general manager of DIO Taiwan, said, "Taichung is lacking in digital infrastructure compared to the capital ‘Taipei’ and Kaohsiung in the south. Nevertheless, I have accomplished a contract with over 20 local dentists through this symposium.
"With DIO’s excellent technology, I will continue to do my best to continue exploring Taichung and its central region.".
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