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DIO, Inc. participated in 'The Academy of Clinical Dentistry' in Japan.

Japan 9-10 Jun, 2018

  • ‘제2회 한중 의사 교류회’ 단체사진

DIO, Inc. participated in 'The Academy of Clinical Dentistry' in Japan.
DIO exhibition booth attracted a lot of people.
Digital dentistry corporation, DIO (CEO Jinchoel Kim, Jinbaek Kim) successfully completed 'The 36th Academy of Clinical Dentistry' on June 9 and 10 at Tokyo International Forum in Japan.
The Academy of Clinical Dentistry has been recognized as an academic conference that contributes to the development of dental science as well as to national health and welfare through academic research, education dissemination, international activities, medical and preventive activities in the field of jaw occlusion and dentistry based on clinical studies.

In this conference, Chiba (Sapporo Chiba Dental Clinic), Dr. Natsubori (Natsubori Dental Clinic), Dr. Okawa (Dikanyama address dental clinic) were the speakers and gave lectures on the excellence of diverse clinical cases and DIO surgical guide using 'DIOnavi.'
In addition, the enthusiasm of lectures was continued in the exhibition booth and it attracted attention from participants.
In particular, local dentists and industry representatives inquire about the digital implant 'DIOnavi.' a lot.

Kenichi Uno, general manager of DIO Japan Inc., said, "The interest in digital is increasing day by day in Japan."
At this conference, DIO was a great opportunity to make clearly the image of corporation as the world's leading digital solution company."
We will continue to do our best to lead the trend with innovative digital solutions. "
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