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DIO participated in 'SINO-Dental 2018', the largest dental exhibition in China.

China 9-12 Jun, 2018

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DIO participated in 'SINO-Dental 2018', the largest dental exhibition in China.
'2Hour Digital Implant' admired by attendees
A leading company of digital dentistry, DIO (CEO Jinchoel Kim, Jinbaek Kim) participated in 'The 23rd China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference' (hereinafter referred to as "SINO Dental 2018") held at Beijing International Convention Center from June 9 to 12.

More than 800 companies from 30 countries, including Korea, Germany, the United States and Japan participated and the exhibition showed off the scale as the biggest exhibition in China.
At this exhibition, DIO showed 'DIO Digital Chairside Solutions' which evolved further and attracted the attention of the visitors.
In particular, the response to "2Hour Digital Implant", which was first presented at DIO International Meeting and was admired by dentists all around the world, was even more hot in China. Also, attention was focused on VR (Virtual Reality) equipment for patient consultation.
The Chinese dentist who visited the exhibition booth said, "I could not help being surprised by DIO '2Hour Digital Implant'."
"DIO’s innovative digital solution is the most advanced in the world."

Yoongi Lee, the chief executive of DIO China branch, said, "DIO is the most advanced digital solution in the world, and DIO is leading Chinese market with innovative solutions."
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