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DIO Implant Successfully Hosts DIO Digital Symposium in Taipei

Taiwan 1 July, 2018

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DIO Implant Successfully Hosts DIO Digital Symposium in Taipei
Participants at the lecture amazed by the full digital workflow
DIO Implant, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) hosted the DIO Digital Symposium at the Taipei Marriott Hotel in Taiwan on July 1st. The symposium speakers included many distinguished experts with extensive clinical experience in digital dentistry. Attracting the interest of Taipei local doctors, over 500 dentists participated making this symposium the largest one in DIO’s history. Moderating the sessions from Taiwan were Dr. Steven Lee, Vice-President of the Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration, Dr. Yi Shan Lai, Chairman of the New Taipei City Dentist Association and Dr. Chung Ming Chen, Chairman of the Taiwan Academy of 3D digital Dentistry, who heated the air up in the symposium.

Dr. Junhyouk Shin, Director of Digital Art Dental Hospital presented the first session titled “Digital Art: from idea to realization 2018”. Dr. Shin spoke about aesthetic dentistry and how to gain accurate diagnosis, analysis and treatment plans using the full digital workflow. The next speakers were Prof. Byungho Choi, a world-renowned scholar in digital implants and Prof. Seungmi Jeong both from Yonsei University Wonju Severance Hospital. Their presentation on “Digital technique for immediate loading in edentulous patients” received massive applause from the audience. Dr. Jaesoek Kang, Director of Yedam Dental Hospital presented the next session titled “Overcome the sinus with digital implant system” followed by Dr. Dongkeun Chung, Director of Segyero Dental Hospital and his presentation on “Digital Dentistry: Present and the Future.” The presentations provided a wide range of clinical tips on digital dentistry.

In the afternoon, a surgery session was broadcasted at the Marriott Hotel symposium room streamed live from the dental hospital OR. The surgery procedure was led by Dr. Kuo Ning Ho from Just Beauty Dental Clinic with the assist of Prof. Choi and Prof. Jeong. Before the surgery began, Prof. Choi introduced his surgical case from last year’s live session. He showed comparative CBCT scans and oral images from the time of surgery and now, post-one year. The images clearly proved that the surgical prognosis was successful. DIOnavi was once again used to perform this year’s surgical cases; maxillary sinus elevation surgery and implant placement for mandibular molar.

The first patient (#25) got sinus elevation surgery which was successfully completed with the procedure taking a mere 20 minutes from sinus bone graft to implant placement. The mandibular molar patient (#44, #46) had a high BMD and cortical bone thickness. Despite these conditions, the doctors were able to place two implants using consistent torque and maintaining low-speed drilling. Dentists who participated from Taiwan watched in awe as the surgery was completed fast and safely. “The level of precision is unbelievable, it is truly remarkable,” said one participant. This year’s live surgery also ended with much success. DIO also held an exhibition booth showcasing the ‘DIO PROBO 3D’ printer for the first time in Taiwan, and its UV implant system the ‘UV Activator’ attracting many participants who could test out and experience the digital workflow system directly.

Director Yoonbal Phil, Head of DIO Taiwan who oversaw the organization of this symposium said, “Taiwan is amazed by the digital chair side solution and DIOnavi guide surgery system developed with DIO’s remarkable technology. We are hoping to contribute to the spread of digital dentistry in Taiwan with DIO’s new 3D printer ‘DIO PROBO’ and ‘UV Activator, and the same time accelerate our market share increase.”
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