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DIO PROBO Hits the Japanese Market with its Outstanding Design and Accuracy.

Japan 05-07 Oct, 2018

DIO PROBO Hits the Japanese Market with its Outstanding Design and Accuracy.
DIO Digital Booth Seminar held in major success.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) is speeding up its expansion in the Japanese market, Asia’s top market for premium dental instruments and materials.
DIO participated in the WDS 2018 (The 8th World Dental Show 2018 in YOKOHAMA) held at the Pacifico Convention Plaza Yokohama from Oct 5th to Oct 7th for three days, displaying some of DIO’s main technology and full digital solutions to strengthen its position in the Japanese market.

Participants were particularly impressed by DIO’s innovative Digital Chairside Solutions exhibited at the show. Various inquiries were made regarding the DIO PROBO, from approval of the device to different output types, duration of printing and price. DIO PROBO received thumbs up for its elegant yet simple open-design as well as its high output accuracy.
Also, the DIO Digital Seminar held at DIO’s booth with presentations including the “Excellence of DIOnavi Guide” by Dr. Yamaba (Yamaba Dental Clinic) who also gave a spectacular presentation as one of the speakers at the World Dental Meeting 2018, “Clinical Application of the DIO Implant System” by Dr. Chiba (South 2nd Street Chiba Dental Clinic), and “From DIOnavi Guided Surgery to Building Abutments” by Dr. Natsubori (Natsubori Dental Clinic) gained enormous attention from the participants.

Taeyoung Kim, Director of the Overseas Business Division, “DIO’s full digital solution acknowledged by the U.S. and China is leading the path for DIO’s expansion in furthering its influence in the premium market of Japan, a developed nation in medical technology,” also adding, “we have confidence that DIO’s Digital Chairside Solutions will strengthen DIO’s position in the Japanese market.”
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