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DIO Advances into Training Institution for Digital Dentistry Experts.

Korea 13-14 Oct, 2018

DIO Advances into Training Institution for Digital Dentistry Experts.
DIO Digital Academy holds first and second training rounds on joint curriculum with NYU Dental.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) and its new training system; DIO Digital Academy established last month, is gaining interest from around the world amid the global digital dentistry boom.
DIO established a new joint curriculum by strengthening its collaboration with the prestigious NYU College of Dentistry (NYU Dental) and 3Shape, a global leader in medical devices. The first training sessions held in September were a major success with over 20 dentists from China getting certified.
Gaining momentum from the first round of training, the second round of the DIO Digital Academy was held for dentists in Australia from Oct 13th to Oct 14th, aimed to train leaders who are prepared in the field of digital dentistry.

On the first day, Dr. Ryan S. Lee from the New York Clinic in New York, United States, presented a lecture on topics including △Sinus Approach & Treatment Plan △Sinus Surgery △Clinical Cases, Trouble Shooting, gaining positive response from the participants.
On the second day, Richard Youn of DIO presented on the “Digital Workflow”, followed by Dr. DoEun Dong (Welcome Dental Clinic) lecture on “DDA (NYU_Advance)” which received thumbs up from participants for his clinical studies and hands-on session.
Live surgeries were held in the afternoon at Segyero Dental Hospital and Newton Dental Hospital by Dr. Dongkeun Chung and Dr. HyunLak Son respectively. Participants watched in awe as the two surgeries were being conducted.

KangJoon Choi from DIO Corporation and the general organizer of this event said, “DIO Digital Academy provides specialized training in digital dentistry with its expertise and network being the greatest advantages. We will continue to do our best by taking these advantages and using them to train specialized experts who will lead the future of digital dentistry.”
On the other hand, DIO is planning to hold the third round of the DIO Digital Academy for dentists in Taiwan from Nov 9th to Nov 11th.
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