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DIO, Speeds Up the Digital Revolution in China.

China 21-23 Oct, 2018

DIO, Speeds Up the Digital Revolution in China.
200 dentists participate in the ‘DIO Digital Symposium’ held in Nanjing, Dongguan and Guangzhou.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) held the “DIO Digital Symposium in China” for three days in three different locations; Nanjing on Oct 21, Dongguan on Oct 22 and Guangzhou on Oct 23.
Over 200 dentists from China participated in this year’s symposium which was fully equipped with presentations from speakers who have deep knowledge and major clinical experience in digital dentistry. The speakers shared their digital dentistry know-hows and information on recent trends, which received overwhelming response from audience.

The speakers gave presentations according to specific themes during the three-day symposium. Sang-wook Lim, Director of DIO gave a presentation on “The Digital Dentistry_Paradigmshift”, and spoke about the current status of dentistry, how much value and change can be created by transitioning to digital dentistry, and the future vision and roadmap of the digital revolution, attracting the attention of the participants.
Dr. Do-eun Dong (Welcome Dental Clinic) and Professor Liu Fuxiang (Sacheon University Hwaseo Dental Hospital) presented on “The introduction of the DIOnavi Full Digital Guide system and Clinical Cases”, explaining about the concept and process of the digital implant system DIOnavi and shared their various clinical know-hows on how to actually apply the DIOnavi system in the clinical setting.
Also, Dr. Hyun-lak Son (Newton dental hospital) presented on “DIOnavi Clinical Cases and Improving the Management of Dental Clinics”, in which he introduced specific clinical cases and explained in much detail the actual changes that can come from implementing the digital system in the clinic, such as reduced chair time and better management. His session was very popular among the many participants.
Lastly, Dr. Jae-seok Kang (Yedam dental hospital) and Dr. Yu-seok Jung (Seoul Prime Dental Clinic) gave a presentation on clinical cases using DIOnavi, including how to efficiently use digital devices such as the 3D printer and the intraoral scanner. Participants were especially astonished by Dr.Kang’s explanation of the sinus case and edentulous case using the 3D printer DIO PROBO.

Taeyoung Kim, Director of the Overseas Business Division of the symposium commented, “China has formed a massive digital ecosystem with its digital economic growth and giant IT firms such as Alibaba going beyond the boundary of industries, and dentistry is not an exception. DIO plans to put in all its efforts to revolutionize the world with digital dentistry, starting from China.”
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