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DIO Digital Academy Rises to Become a Global Digital Dentistry Training Program.

Korea 9-11 November, 2018

DIO Digital Academy Rises to Become a Global Digital Dentistry Training Program.
The 3rd DDA Course certifies dentists from Taiwan.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jinbaek Kim) is gaining global attention with its newly established DIO Digital Academy (DDA) training institution. The 3rd DIO Digital Academy training course was successfully held from Nov. 9th to 11th for four days targeted to dentists from Taiwan.

The 3rd training course truly reflected DIO Digital Academy’s specialized training curriculum in digital dentistry with its incomparable expertise and network.

Director Tae Kim from DIO Corporation gave the opening remarks on the first day followed by Dr. Dongkeun Chung’s (Director of Sagyero Dental Hospital) lecture on “Digital Implant Planning” and “Case Studies”. Dr. Chung also presented a live surgery at his hospital followed by a Q&A session in which participants were highly impressed. The following lecture was provided by Professor Jungbo Huh (Pusan National University) on “Trouble Shooting” finishing the day with great success.

On the second day, Dr. Jaeseok Kang (Director of Yedam Dental Hospital) presented a lecture on “DDA Theoretical Background and Case Studies” followed by a “DDA hands-on session (mandibular edentulous, sinus)” in which participants showed amazing reactions. The participants then visited Newton Dental Hospital to observe a live surgery operated by the Director of the hospital Dr. Hyunlak Son. A Q&A session was held after the surgery on DIOnavi in which Dr. Son received applause for his informative answers.

On the last day, Dr. Junhyouk Shin (Director of Digital Art Dental Clinic) presented a lecture on the “Intra Oral Scanner” and “Digital Prosthesis Planning” providing an informative overview to participants. The last session was presented by Dr. Hyangryeon Lee (Director of Michigan Dental Clinic) on the topic of “Sinus Crestal / Lateral Approach” providing an array of specific case studies.

KangJoon Choi, Director of DIO Corporation and general organizer of this event says, “DIO Digital Academy is gaining global attraction for its specialized curriculum in digital dentistry. We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries about the training program from all over the world. We plan to further diversify our curriculum and expand the academy in 2019 in aims to provide high-quality training.”

DIO will hold its 4th DDA course, the last of this year, from Dec. 10th to 13th targeted to dentists from China.
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