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DIO Corporation’s Digital Chairside Full Lineup Gains Massive Attention in YESDEX 2018.

Korea 10-11 November, 2018

DIO Corporation’s Digital Chairside Full Lineup Gains Massive Attention in YESDEX 2018.
Participants captivated by the UV Implant System.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) participated in YESDEX 2018 (Yeongnam International Dental Conference and Equipment Exhibition), the largest dental exhibition in the Yeongnam region which was held at Daegu Exco from Nov. 10th to Nov. 11th. DIO exhibited some of its main solutions systems developed based on innovative technology in which DIO was received by participants as the true leader in digital dentistry.

The DIO Digital Chairside Solutions was presented as the face of DIO’s exhibition with its highly sophisticated intellectual design and precision. Visitors were in awe of the DIO Digital Chairside Solutions which provides a complete process solution from patient diagnosis, surgical planning, designing, printing guides and provisions to implant placement and provisional loading within just 2 hours.

Participants were particularly impressed by the UV Implant System and 3D printer DIO PROBO developed by DIO, and Ivoclar Digital’s CAD/CAM device Programill One and implant mobility testing device DIO IDx.

DIO OTHOnavi, the world’s first digital orthodontics system applied with DIO’s 3D printed lingual brackets core technology also highly attracted the interest of participants.

The booth lecture presented by Dr. Jae-Seok Kang (Director of Yedam Dental Hospital) on the “Digital Implant Workflow” was highly praised by the attending participants.

Jinbaek Kim, CEO of DIO Corporation says, “We are confident DIO has the leading technology as we are acknowledged to be at the forefront of digital dentistry from our participation in major exhibitions, and which is also proven by DIOnavi’s achievement of 200K holes. Our plan in 2019 is to further accelerate our growth in the United States and China where we have been focused on building our sales infrastructure.”
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