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DIO Successfully Completes the 2018 DIO DIGITAL SYMPOSIUM National Tour.

Korea 24, November, 2018 / 1~2 December, 2018

DIO Successfully Completes the 2018 DIO DIGITAL SYMPOSIUM National Tour.
A new paradigm in digital dentistry.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jinbaek Kim) successfully completed the 2018 DIO DIGITAL SYMPOSIUM national tour. The symposium was held first in Gwangju on Nov. 24th and then in Busan on Dec. 1st and finally in Seoul on Dec. 2nd.

Over 500 dentists and individuals from the dental industry attended the 2018 DIO DIGITAL SYMPOSIUM of which this year’s theme was “All New Digital”. A number of leading experts and clinicians in the field of digital dentistry participated, providing clinical case studies as well as presenting effective methods on the application of the system. The lectures were a great success providing key information on the “Digital Workflow”.

Digital is Difficult? No, Digital is Easy!
The DIO DIGITAL SYMPOSIUM program was divided into specific areas, △Digital Implants △Digital Orthodontics △Digital Prosthesis △Digital Technique. The symposium provided a platform for sharing tips on the digital workflow, a feature that can be used by any professional member in the clinic.

The “Digital Implants” session was presented by Dr. Jaeseok Kang (Director of Yedam Dental Hospital) and Dr. Dongkeun Chung (Director of Sagyero Dental Hospital) on a range of topics, from the effective use of the full digital solution and clinical application, to the digital workflow that allows users to complete implant placement and provisionary treatment within 2 hours. Participants were truly amazed by the depth of information provided by the two speakers.

The “Digital Prosthesis” session was presented by Dr. Junhyouk Shin (Director of Digital Art Dental Clinic) and Dr. Jaemin Lee (Director of Mirero Dental Clinic). The session provided an overview of accurate diagnosis and analysis, and treatment planning for esthetic prosthesis through the digital workflow, as well as an insight of “Digital Denture” and its clinical application. The speakers received applause for their remarkable presentations.

The “Digital Orthodontics” session was led by Dr. Gisun Bae (Director of Sun Orthodontic Clinic) who successfully developed the double-wire 3D printing bracket. Dr. Bae presented on “3D printing orthodontics” followed by Dr. Hyunkeun Oh’s (Director of ATA Dental Clinic) lecture on “the present and future of DIO Ortho navi, the digital orthodontics system.” Dr. Oh provided various tips on how to effectively utilize the digital solution in orthodontic treatment.

On the other hand, the “Digital Technique” session was led by Director Jaedoo Lee (Welcomelab) who presented on the digital workflow from scanning to building the prosthesis and tips for effective use.

Digital Chairside Solutions lineup earns the spotlight.
This year’s symposium was not only packed with expert lectures. An exhibition booth displaying the actual digital solutions applied in the clinical operation of the speakers was also provided so that participants could get a demonstration of the various solutions and experience them directly. DIO’s 3D printer DIO PROBO, applicable in various digital dental treatments, was displayed as well as the UV Implant System, a system promoting the acceleration of osseointegration by decontaminating the implant surface through photofunctionalization and superhydrophilic reaction. DIO IDx, a mobility testing device was also displayed. The booth was filled with numerous inquiries from participants who showed high interest in the displayed products.

Sangwook Lim, Director of DIO Corporation and general organizer of this event says, “This year’s symposium proved once again the heated interest and rising popularity of digital dentistry. DIO plans to continue its efforts in supporting the promotion of active academic discussions in the field of digital dentistry.”
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