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DIO, to have the Ultimate Lineup of Entirely Different ‘Digital Workflow’ and to Receive Monumental Evaluation over its ‘Full Digital Solutions’

Korea 1 Jan, 2019

DIO (CEO Kim Jinbaek), a leading company in digital dentistry, is attracting the attention of the field of dentistry with the ‘Digital Workflow’ across the entire process from a patient’s visit, to diagnosis, implant planting, guide printing, surgical procedure, and dental prosthesis. With the ultimate and entirely different lineup of the era, people are evaluating the company to have innovation and technology while the company is securing its position as the sure digital leading company by putting the entire effort in increasing the digital dentistry capacity.
Especially in May 2017 at ‘DIO International Meeting’ the company presented the Full Digital Workflow through a ‘2Hour Digital Implant’ live surgery using the 3D printer ‘DIO PROBO’ with the thousands of dentists around the globe gathered, which astonished the world. The company is raising up a syndrome by digitalizing all the aspects of the dentistry from diagnosis to treatments. Let’s meet with its innovative digital solutions.
Intra-Oral Scanner / TRIOS ‘TRIOS’ is evaluated as the best dental scanner available. It is at the top notch when it comes to scanning speed and accurate impression capping. When scanning in ‘Insane Mode’, 2 minutes are enough for the full mouth esthetics. Easy, fast, and accurate scanning and the realization of the real color like that of the natural colors offer the patients comfortable diagnosis environment and can shorten the diagnosis time. Also, as it is digital where the informations are saved as data, scan data can easily be searched and there is no need for the model saving storage. Also, there is no need of time and delivery since the scanned data can be sent easily to anywhere in the world. Truly this is the start of the digital analyses.
Especially, the company is gathering more attention as it is planned to unveil ‘TRIOS Move’ for the first time in Korea, which is a step forward from the world first wireless intra oral scanner ‘TRIOS 3 Wireless.’ ‘TROIS Move’ is a solution in a totally different level of the system to provide the optimal diagnosis environment. It is designed to share the digital scan image and treatment plan with the patient more easily. Letting the patient to monitor the treatment procedure in his or her most comfortable position and to communicate with the dentist, the machine is the best solution which increases the understanding of the diagnosis as well as satisfaction while offering the best treatment experience to the patient.
Planning & Designing / TRIOS Studio Apps To realize the digital dentistry, ‘TRIOS Studio Apps’ offer the world-class softwares.
Firstly, ‘Implant Studio’ offers the smart diagnosis environment through the digital diagnosis process that presents efficient and stable treatment result from surgery guide to prosthesis design along with enabling the planning of the optimal implant site through 3D mock surgery when the implant treatment is complex and hard to predict the result.
Secondly, ‘Design Studio’ is the optimal software for ‘One Day’ prosthesis which is open, simple, and flexible. Click! Click! And click! The program offers ‘One Day’ prosthesis solution optimized for designing and milling step-by-step. Also, not only it offers very accurate margin setting, but also it finishes the design of the aesthetic prosthesis automatically. Various prosthesis designs are supported from crown to inlay, bridge, and veneer. Lastly, ‘Clear align Studio’ is expected to be an opportunity for offering an aesthetic stability to a patient and to extend the therapeutic range more easily for the surgeons. Especially, by simply saving the plaster models already made for the orthodontics diagnosis as data, it resolves the space limit and enables effective maintenance by allowing the users to access the data easily whenever s/he wants.
Producing / 3D Printer DIO PROBO ‘DIO PROBO’ is specialized in making 3D structured result easily and quickly by piling up the projection of the high-resolution Full HD DLP(Digital Light Processing) projector. Therefore, it can print out the inner side as well as the outer side of a prosthesis quickly, making it possible to prepare high-quality patient-tailored prostheses such as temporary denture, temporary crown, dental model, and surgical guide. It enables the making of prostheses of a dentist or a tech lab to be not the temporary making of the milling method of before or analog making of waxing up, but as a digital workflow. Through this it is expected to heighten the completeness of the digital dentistry lineup by increasing the productivity along with forming digital prostheses.
Also, it provides various customer satisfaction service through the big data. Its touch panel and intuitive UI increases the ease of the user interface. The ‘Material Auto Setting’ feature, where the setting can be changed easily by reading the RFID tag of the material container maximizes the user convenience, enabling easy and simple operation.
Especially the online remote support service feature in ‘DIO PROBO’ is original to it as a dentistry 3D printer. The online remote support service not only will increase the user satisfaction through rapid customer support and management service but also will provide various customer services by connecting the big data of such as the kind of the output and the material expense with the main server.
Moreover, we’ve developed a photopolymer material optimized for digital dentistry system which produces the output quickly, precisely, and in high-quality. The material can be applied to various digital dentistry diagnoses including guide printing — 50 mins, crown printing — 30 mins, model printing — 50 mins, and temporary denture — 80mins.
Producing / CAD/CAM Programill One ‘Programill One’, a CAD/CAM equipment to be released in Korea, is raising as a rising star even before its release. The equipment can express the details through the new processing technique of processing the material by rotating the material and the motor at the same time. Also, it has applied 5-axis turn mill technology that can create high-quality prostheses by minimizing the margin chipping. It is only compatible with the scan data from ‘TRIOS’, a dental scanner with world-class precision of its name, resulting in the process precision of the different level. Also, the secret to realize the world-class process precision is to be able to design and operate with ‘TRIOS Design Studio’ without separate CAM softwares. Everything from scanning to designing, CAM, and operating can be done easily in one platform. Also, it can process glass ceramic in 13 minutes, single zirconia in 12 minutes, and it allows the users to choose among the 3 milling types according to the milling quality including the PMMA material to make temporary prostheses.

Besides, the other digital solutions from DIO are attracting interests. These includes ‘UV Implant System’, which promotes the regeneration of the bones and blood vessels by removing the organic matters at the surface of implants though photocatalysis; and ‘DIO Idx’, an implant shakiness measurer which helps determining the optimal time to supplement.
“2018 was a year for DIO to penetrate into the center of the stage with the full digital solutions born with the innovative technologies. In 2019 we will put our best effort not only to preoccupy the global market but also to be an international provider that leads the digital dentistry trend afterward,” said Lim Sangwook, the Vice President of DIO.
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