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DIO, to Give Impetus to Raising Global Digital Dentistry Professionals.

Korea 21 Jan, 2019

DIO, to Give Impetus to Raising Global Digital Dentistry Professionals.
‘DIO Digital Academy’ to be Operated for 33 Times in 2019, Expected to Raise 600 Global Digital Dentistry Professionals.
DIO, Corp. (CEO Kim Jinbaek), a leading company in digital dentistry, gives impetus to raising the digital dentistry professionals by focusing on the educational innovation as well as technological innovations.
The company set the cutting-edge education facility at the Busan Centum DIO Headquarter to raise global digital dentistry talents last year, and launched ‘DIO Digital Academy’ in September to raise the global talents systematically. The curriculum was performed for 4 times for 70 dentists from China, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, placing itself as a world-class digital dentistry raising program of its name.
This year, the program has been further differentiated through the specialized curriculums reflecting the needs of the countries and the participation of the authority figures from each fields. Also, to extend the participation opportunity, the scale of the program is greatly increased into 33 times a year for 600 dentists from 16 countries including China, Korea, Australia, Italy, and Russia.
Also, the newly starting ‘DIO NYU IMPLANT SYMPOSIUM’ is a program where the participants visit the New York University College of Dentistry (NYU afterward) in the US. The ‘Advanced Short Term Education Course’ where the lecturers that are active at ‘NYU Dentistry’s Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program’ are participating is already raising expectations.
Choi Gangjun, director of DIO, said “‘DIO Digital Academy’ this time has been thoroughly prepared with various curriculums that suit the user needs. The innovation of DIO does not stay at the technology but also on the education by focusing on raising the talents.”
The company started the ‘DIO Digital Academy’ of 2019 with the Chinese dentists at Busan Centum DIO Headquarter from January 15 to January 17.
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