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DIO, to Build a Digital-based Cutting-edge R&D Center at Magok, Seoul.

Korea 24 Jan, 2019

DIO, to Build a Digital-based Cutting-edge R&D Center at Magok, Seoul.
Expected to Make Next-Generation Full Digital Solution and Aimed to be Completed in the First Half of the Next Year.
The Magok R&D Center Building Project, which has been promoted in the Magok Industrial Complex, Seoul, by DIO, Inc. (CEO Kim Jinbaek), a leading company in digital dentistry, is expected to be completed in the first half of the next year.
The project is to build a cutting-edge R&D center which has the lot area of 1389m2 with 1 basement floor and 7 above-ground floors, while keeping the Busan Centum headquarter as-is. The building, of which 4 floors are research facilities and other floors are administrative and welfare facilities, is aimed to be completed in 2020.
The company is to combine the IT R&D organizations at the Magok R&D Center. More than 100 employees including the marketing team for the Seoul metropolitan is planned to be working at the center after completion. Also, the company is to put effort in securing the talents and creating jobs Through cooperation with universities.
Also, the response to the customers is to be quicker as well as the effectivity of the overall system management is to be better through focused development that strengthens the connectivity of the digital dental diagnosis based on the digital technologies such as ‘Auto Planning’ system which combines digital data and AI technology.
“The Magok DIO R&D Center signifies our promise to lead the development of the Korean dentistry by securing the talented and by offering the solutions and services which is at a higher level to the customers. Especially, I hope the center to be the base camp of the birth of the next-generation full digital solution by leading the research and development with the cutting-edge technologies integrated,” said Lim Sang-uk, the Vice President of DIO.
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