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DIO Co. Ltd. is launching ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ domestically as well on June 1st.

Korea 4 June, 2019

‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ is praised as being a fully edentulous digital solution for the first time in the world.
The fully-digital, edentulous solution, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ of DIO Co. Ltd. (CEO Kim Jinbaek) is a leading enterprise in the digital dentistry industry and is attracting the attention of the public day after day by being rated as one of the more advanced solutions for edentulous patients.
In continuation of the wrap-up of the successful launch of the solution in the U.S. and China beginning from Taiwan, Australia, and India in October of last year, it has been officially launched in our country as well this past June 1st, having garnered the focus of domestic clinicians’.

For the first time in the world, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ has fully-digitized the entire process from the scanning of edentulous patient’s dentures, planning, guide production, the actual procedure, and the final prosthesis fitting.
This allows oral information of edentulous patients to be conveniently obtained directly from their mouth, and edentulous patients’ information on gums, vertical dimensions, and occlusions can be accurately determined by using the existing patient’s dentures or the ‘Wax Dentures’ developed by DIO. Thus, scanning difficulties and errors that occur in the edentulous cases experienced by many practitioners can be overcome by those who use oral scanners currently.
In addition, the temporary prosthetic appliance produced beforehand via a 3D Printer can be fastened immediately as soon as implant surgery has been carried out. In addition, by canning the temporary prosthetic appliance occlusal adjustment which has been finished and can be scanned so that final prosthetic appliance of the screw-retained method can be produced right away in a CAD program.
Such a fully-digital method is capable of not only shortening surgery time, but also completing all processes in only 3~4 times of the frequency of average patients’ hospital visits. The fact that it provides a solution of problems in the processes of impression by taking of analog method and prosthesis production and easy as well as fast production of precise final prosthetic appliance is considered as the most characteristic advantage.

In particular, Professor Choi Byeongho (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University) and Professor Jeong Seungmi (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University) as globally-renowned scholars have demonstrated a live surgery utilizing the fully-digital edentulous solution this past April. The ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ live surgery demonstrated on this day was the first case where 6 implants were placed on the day of surgery and a temporary prosthesis printed out beforehand by 3D printer, followed by an even, perfect fastening of the ‘Semi Final Prosthetics’ made of Metal Frames and PMMA materials the next day, eliciting exclamations from the visitors who observed the live surgery.

The CEO Kim Jinbaek, who personally directed R&D innovation at DIO emphasized, “Although many edentulous solutions exist worldwide, ‘DIOnavi Full Arch’ is the only fully-digital edentulous solution and is the most advanced innovative system”, and he further said, “In the future, DIO will concentrate all competencies so as to be ranked as a forerunner in digital dentistry area through sophistication of global R&D competence”.
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