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DIO develops ‘Denture’ material for 3D printing for the first time as domestic enterprise.

Korea 4 June, 2019

‘DIOnavi-Denture’ aims precisely at the 3D printing market for dentists.
DIO Co. Ltd. (CEO Kim Jinbaek), as a leading enterprise in digital dentistry, has succeeded in the development of advanced new materials for dental 3D printing, aiming precisely at the market for global dental printing.
In succession to development of the 3D printer ‘DIO PROBO’ in March of last year, DIO has developed an optically-curing material for dental 3D printing that is optimized for dental treatment, and getting favorable reputation.

In particular, the company has completed ‘‘DIOnavi-Denture’ licensing for dental 3D printing material as ‘Denture Base’ in the past April for the first time among domestic enterprises to draw clinicians’ interests, and is being recognized for the unrivaled technical competence as the sole domestic enterprise that has constructed a lineup of 5 types of 3D printing materials (C&B, SG, Cast, Model, Denture).
The ‘DIOnavi-Denture’ material is an optically-cured resin and completed ISO 10993-1 verification of biocompatibility test for cytotoxicity, mucous membrane stimulation, & systemic toxicity. In addition, it boasts excellent mechanical strength to the extent of showing a figure of 115M in average bending strength value through thorough quality management for more than 80MPa that is higher than 50Pa as a bending strength reference in the ‘Denture’ standard specification of ISO 20795-1.
In addition, ‘DIOnavi-Denture’ material printed out with a 3D printer ‘DIO PROBO’ has outstanding strength and hardness as well as a fast printout time and excellent precision, allowing production of high-quality ‘Full Denture’ and even ‘Partial Denture’. The printing of the Denture base takes 60 minutes, and the printing of the Crown & Bridge for Dentures takes 30 minutes, allowing a printout of the Denture Base of up to 2 each at one go. Only 5 minutes of PROBO Cure produces excellent mechanical properties, from which shortening effects of total process time is also expected because it is shorter than curing times of other companies.

Director Park Yeongmin, who is overseeing DIO’s development sector for 3D printing materials, said, “DIOnavi-Denture has been developed as an outcome of study over a long period of time, and has particularly good water resistance for excellent water absorptivity & water solubility accompanied by little distortion of the Denture Base shape, even upon long-time use. Since it is made of optically-curing resin material, relining is easy and coupling power with the DIOnavi-C&B is excellent, making it more effective if used according to application”.

Alongside, managing director Im Sangwook, who is in charge of DIO marketing said, “Development of ‘Denture’ material for 3D printing for the first time among domestic enterprises means an energetic footstep of DIO aiming at the best beyond the first”, and he added, “With the development of the ‘Denture’ material this time, DIO will put spurs toward attacking the global dental printing market as well as securing unrivaled technical competence so as to lead the expansion of the dental 3D printing market”.
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