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DIO Co. Ltd., ‘DIO Digital Academy’ draws the attention of the entire world.

Korea 25 June, 2019

Produced more than 200 specialists in digital dentistry in Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, etc.
DIO Co. Ltd. (CEO Kim Jinbaek), a leading company in digital dentistry, completed its 14th session of ‘DIO Digital Academy’ for approximately 30 dentists from Taiwan and Australia over the period of June 21 ~ 23.

‘DIO Digital Academy’ is a newly established global program for the cultivation of competent surgeons in the digital dentistry of DIO through fortification of educational cooperation with the Dental College of New York University (hereinafter, NYU), with a reputation as the foremost authority in dentistry in the world, and ‘3 Shape’, a global company specializing in digital medical devices, in September of last year. A total of 14 sessions of the Academy were conducted to produce more than 200 experts in digital dentistry from Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, etc., thereby establishing its status as the undisputed best program for the cultivation of competent surgeons in digital dentistry in the world.
The 14th session of the ‘DIO Digital Academy’ further differentiated its program by including lecturers who are highly reputed in their respective areas of specialization.

First, Director Jeong, Dong-geun (Segyero Dental Hospital) gave a lecture under the theme of ‘Digital Flapless Implantology’ and presented live surgery for ‘Sinus Case (#16, #17)’ and ‘Bridge Case (#12, #22)’ over 2 days. Meanwhile, Director Kang, Jae-seok (Mokpo Yedam Dental Hospital) shared the secrets of effective utilization and diversified clinical applications of digital implant, ‘DIOnavi.’, under the theme of ‘Guidance for Guided Surgery & Clinical Case & DDA’, and resolved an extensive range of inquiries on digital dentistry through lectures on the digital dental treatment system, ‘Maxillary Anterior Case’ and ‘Sinus Case’ through utilization of ‘DIOnavi.’, and hands-on practicum on ‘Mandibular Edentulous Case’.
In addition, Director Lee, Hyang-ryeon (Michigan Dental Clinic) unsparingly passed on an extensive range of knowledge and experience on problem solving through practical lectures for mastering of diversified cases of ‘DIOnavi.’ and application to actual clinical cases immediately under the theme of ‘DIOnavi. Clinical case study & Trouble Shooting’.
Lastly, Dr. Christopher Ho (Faculty of GIDE, Care Dentistry) dealt with various issues including △Anterior Aesthetics and Implant Placement Through Digital Guide △Full Arch Restoration △Changing Paradigms in Digital Implant Prosthodontics and △Complications in Implant Dentistry, etc. in his lecture under the theme of ‘The Additive Approach to Complex Rehabilitation: Digital Workflow Meets the Art and Science of Dentistry’, thereby drawing highly favorable responses from the participants.

Mr. Choi, Gang-jun, a director of DIO who was responsible for the overall planning of this educational program, stated that, “‘DIO Digital Academy’ is the undisputed best program for cultivation of the experts in digital dentistry in the world through composition of lecturers who are the foremost experts in the area of digital dentistry,” and that, “we will concentrate all of our capabilities in order to become the best, transcending the status of being the first company, in all areas of digital dentistry through provision of diversified curriculum in addition to the ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ live surgery introduced for the first time in the world as a full digital system.”
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