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DIO International Meeting 2018
MAY 11 - 13, 2018 in BUSAN, KOREA

Thank all the people involved in making DIO International Meeting a more diverse academic forum.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your generosity and enthusiasm for the successful completion of 'DIO International Meeting 2018' held in Busan, Korea in May.

This year's DIO International Meeting was held with the theme of 'All New Digital' and over 1,000 delegates from 30 countries around the world participated in this meeting. The meeting has become the place to communicate the latest knowledge of digital dentistry and various scholarly exchange programs of world-renowned scholars. In addition, it raisedthe status as the world's digital dentistry conferences, and will contribute to the technological advancement leading the digital dentistry and its innovative results.

I sincerely thank all the people involved in making DIO International Meeting a more diverse academic forum. I would like to ask you for your attention and advice so that DIO International Meeting can achieve advancement for dentistry development. Thank you.

Fonunder & Chairman, Jin Cheol Kim

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Dr. Alejandro Aguilar
  • Graduated from Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City
  • Conducted Multiple Research and Submitted His Fieldwork for International Publications
  • Certificated in Dental Implants by The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  • Awarded in 2012 with The International Excelsis Award, General Director at the Research Center in Biomaterials and Bio-Technology Viotechno
  • International Figure in The Buccal Aesthetic as well as Cosmetic Dentistry.

Difficult cases in Dental Implantology
The placement of dental implants has become routine nowadays in most dental clinics and is one of the dental treatments patients request the most.
Dental implantology is one of the most invasive dental treatments that dentists encounter. Working on the internal structures of the jaw entails a series of risks inherent to the treatment that can not only put the patient's health at risk but compromise the final result of the treatment.
This treatment calls for a high degree of training for the professional in medical techniques, as well as familiarity with and management of the wide variety of digital tools that can ensure minimum risk for the patient's health and a good forecast for the integral treatment.
In this brief presentation we will survey the main surgical challenges that we face every day in our practice of dental implantology and how digital tools are fundamental to success. Dr Alejandro Aguilar will transmit his experience of more than 30 years placing dental implants. Dr Aguilar receives patients from the 5 continents in his daily practice, most of them referred to him by Doctors, Hospitals and Universities as "very difficult" cases.

NEWSDIO International Meeting, more than one thousand people participated in.
Full digital lineup 'DIO Digital Chairside Solutions'
A leading company of digital dentistry, DIO Corporation, held DIO International Meeting 2018 (hereinafter called "DIM 2018") at Sohyang Theater and Busan Cinema Center, in Centum City, Busan between May 11 and 12. More than 1,000 dentists from 30 countries participated in the meeting.

DIO International Meeting was held with high quality lectures by sharing clinical information and latest information using various cases of renowned lecturers from Korea and abroad including 'All New Digital'. DIO also presented its digital dentistry innovative solution 'DIO Digital Chairside Solutions' line-up to give a vision for a full digital workflow based on speed, accuracy and convenience.
In this 'DIM 2018', there were a number of famous lecturers who have abundant knowledge with theoretical depth and clinical experience.
In addition, there was a place to share the latest trends and knowledge of digital dentistry as well as implant lectures on various subjects of digital dentistry such as digital workflow, digital implant and digital orthodontic. It was evaluated as 'academic festival'.
In particular, a demonstration by Dongkeun Chung (Segyero Dental Hospital) and a live surgery led by Doeun Dong (Nampo Welcome Dental Hospital) commented on the highlight of the event.
Dr. Chung presented the first full-digital workflow '2Hour Implant' live surgery with DIO Digital Chairside Solutions, and received standing ovation from over 1,000 visitors.
A doctor who watched this live surgery said, "I have seen it for the first time which a patient comes to the clinic and get treatment from implant placement to temporary prosthetic treatment in two hours," he said, “I was so surprised how far have DIO’s innovation come."

Praised to "DIO Digital Chairside Solutions" DIO International Meeting has proved itself as a leader in digital dentistry. DIO Digital Chairside Solutions, which starts with digital and ends with digital, was evaluated as a remarkable and complete technology.
In the meantime, DIO has received high acclaim for its technology-intensive digital solutions such as the new 3D printer "DIO PROBO" and "UV Implant System"
Especially, 3D printer "DIO PROBO", a new digital solution of DIO, which was introduced at '2Hour Implant' live surgery, received the greatest attention. 'DIO PROBO' with excellent strength and hardness, fast output time and excellent precision is expected to cause a blast to the domestic as well as overseas.
In addition, through combining way of denture base and temporary crown materials and processing coloring of output part only by temporary crown material, it is possible to produce customized output products such as temporary denture, temporary crown, dental model, and surgical guide.

Beautiful memory in Busan DIO also hosted a special 'Welcome Party' event at Nurimaru APEC House on 11th. The romantic DIO Moonlight Wine Party was decorated with the sounds of cool waves and colorful fireworks over Gwang-an Diamond Bridge.
On 12th, 'Gala Dinner' was held on the last night of DIM with the famous Korean comedian Jongcheol Jung as the special performer and DJ show in the end of dinner at Busan Cinema Center.
"With this DIM, dentists around the world are paying attention to DIO’s innovative technology and vision," said Taeyoung Kim, executive vice president and director of Overseas Business Division in DIO, “We will once again surprise the world."