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"Innovation Beyond Digital!"
Unique Aura of
'Full Digital Workflow Network' show off
As a leading company of digital dentistry, DIO, (CEO Jinchoel Kim, Jinbaek Kim) successfully completed '15th Seoul International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Congress (SIDEX 2018)' held in COEX, Gangnam, Seoul from June 22nd to 24th.
DIO introduced "Full Digital Workflow Network" from the patient registration to diagnosis, planning, guide printing, procedures and prosthodontic treatments, and received tremendous attention and glowing feedback among the group of exhibitors. In addition to displaying digital workflow products, DIO delivered lectures and product demonstrations to capture the attention of participants.
In the exhibition booth, Trios Move, which is the world's first Wireless Intra-Oral Scanner and Trios3 Wireless was introduced for the first time in Korea no nedd for the sentence after Korea.
Ivoclar Digital CAD / CAM equipment 'PrograMill One' was demonstrated in Korea for the first time. In addition, at the last DIO International meeting, we also got many inquiries about 3D printer 'DIO PROBO', offering dental offices world's first '2Hour Implant' in domestic and international market.
In addition, Dr. Junhyouk Shin who applies digital workflow to his dental offices within the hospital also gave a lecture on "Digital Dentistry, The Present & Future"(Digital Art Dental Clinic). Dr. Doeun Dong delivered a high level review on "2Hour Digital Live Surgery which was performed in DIM 2018 (DIO International Meeting 2018). And Dr. Jaesoek Kang gave a presentation with the theme of 'Interesting digital implant world - from implant to prosthesis' (Yedam Dental Hospital) which showed that the application of 'digital workflow' that is available at present rather than the distant future. DIO Digital Specialists followed the demonstration of 'One Day Digital Prosthetics' and 'One Day Digital Implant', which brought out the excitement of visitors. Ivoclar Digital's Christoph Linder and 3Shape's Jenni Tuokko lectures were also the highlights along with the UV Implant System 'UV Activator', Digital Implant Core Technology 'DIOnavi.' And 'DIO Ortho navi.
A dentist who participated in the exhibition remarked "DIO's leading digital solutions show the current status of the dentistry. It's amazing how DIO technology evolves over and over again."
Jinbaek Kim, CEO, said, "The expectation of the participants about DIO every year tells us about a role of DIO and direction to go forward." He added "we will lead the digital dentist with our technology."


22-24 June
2018 in Seoul, KOREA
SIDEX(Seoul Int’l Dental Exhibition & Scientific Congress) organized by the
Seoul Dental Association is a large-scale dental exhibition joining with
about 300 participants and 1,000 booths from around the world. SIDEX does not
only act as a hub for the dental industry of Northeast Asia.
International exhibitors from MEA, the US, Europe, and other countries and
regions are now participating in SIDEX.
Over the last event (SIDEX 2018, June 22-24), 9,727 people attended to
scientific congress, 4,646 people attended the exhibition, and totally 15,578
people participated. SIDEX has established itself as a venue where
buyers from the world actively communicate with each other.
DIO, SIDEX, "Innovation Beyond Digital!" Unique Aura of 'Full Digital Workflow Network' show off.
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DIO “Digital Workflow Line-Up” released
In this SIDEX 2018, DIO displayed digital workflow full line up which can cover entire process from diagnosis, planning, guide printing and prosthetics,
and released ‘Trios Move’ which is more advanced model than wireless intra oral scanner ‘Trios3 Wireless’ first in Korea.
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3Shape Trios Move
Following the Intra-Oral Scanner Trios3 Wireless, Trios Move is unveiled for the first time in Korea.
Trios Move is a new level of solution that is completely different from the existing system to provide the optimal medical care environment. The ergonomic design with smooth movement according to the movement of the human body and the soft curved design provide the patient with comfort and psychological comfort.
In particular, patients can freely monitor and communicate their treatment in the most comfortable position and condition, which is expected to be the best solution to increase the patient's experience, understanding of the treatment and satisfaction.
‘PrograMill One’ of Ivoclar Vivadent, CAD/CAM Equipment
UV Activator, UV Implant System of DIO
Christoph Linder from Ivoclar Vivadent
DIOnavi. Hands-on
DIO PROBO of DIO, 3D Printer that was showing the world’s first ‘2Hour Implant’ at the last DIO International Meeting 2018
VR experience with foreign visitors
DIO Ortho navi. Of DIO, Orthodontic System
Demonstration by DIO Digital Specialists
Jenni Tuokko from 3Shape

Successful Completion

Digital workflow products were exhibited as well as lectures and demonstrations capturing
the visitors at the same time.

Participant Review

DIO’s most advanced digital solutions show the current status of the dental system. - Dr. Chris Vaughn
As the years go by, the evolution of DIO technology is amazing. - Dr. Kelly Law

Leading with digital

DIO completes digital.
The most advanced technology in the world leads digital dentistry.