DIOnavi Writes a New Record in
History Reaching 200K Placements!
Numbers hit double within a year since its
last major record of 100K placements in 2017!
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) and
DIOnavi is driving forward to success in the global market with its new record of a total 200,000
digital implant placements reached last month. This is particularly meaningful in that DIOnavi
achieved the new record with its overwhelming performance, despite the subsequent launch of
implant guide systems from other manufacturers.
DIOnavi has already been acknowledged as the market leader by reaching 100,000 placements last
year in August, 3 years since its release. This time, DIOnavi has proved its incomparable
performance even more by reaching an unprecedented 200K placements within just a year from the
last major record achieved. DIOnavi has in fact doubled its numbers within a year compared to the
previous record which was achieved within 3 years, truly leading the digital implant phenomenon.
DIOnavi is soon expected to hit 10,000 placements a month-the first in digital implant history-if
this growth trend continues.

200K Hole
Unstoppable DIOnavi
phenomenonin the
global market!
It does not seem like the DIOnavi phenomenon in the global market is soon to die down
either. Since its global launch in March 2016, DIOnavi has experienced rapid growth
on a yearly basis with a growth of over 360% YoY in 2017, and over 170% YoY in 2018.
With its historical performance rates, DIOnavi continues to be on the roll
by successfully leading the global market.
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200K Hole Breakthrough
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  • Capture the attention of patient and dentist
    Fundamentally, the patients have a high sense of fear regarding dental treatment when they feel a lot of pain due to a big incision. With DIOnavi and its non-incision surgical technique, the pain is reduced thanks to short surgery time. Patients also feel highly satisfied due to the short recovery time after receiving surgery.
    The surgeon can also run a simulation before the actual surgery and test the location, angle and even the depth of the placement to see if the fixture fits the oral structure and gums of the patient perfectly and decide on the best surgical plan. Fast and accurate surgery is possible for any type of cases regardless of its complexity, and since chair time is reduced, the surgeon's stress is reduced as well, enabling the dentist to feel confident during surgery.
  • DIOnavi. for the dentist
    "DIOnavi is fast and accurate. Patients who have very limited time living in a busy society especially prefer the DIOnavi method because there is less swelling which also means shorter post-treatment. In the surgeon's side, they can conduct fast, accurate and safe surgery based on the simulation available in DIOnavi. The best thing about it is that it is easy to use and saves a lot of time thanks to the substantially reduced chair time."

    Dongkeun Chung, Chief Doctor of Segyero Dental Hospital
  • Feel proud as a user
    "DIOnavi has reduced the surgery time but also my patients are definitely satisfied with the solution because of the significantly reduced pain and overall treatment time. As a dental surgeon who has the duty of providing the best treatment for patients, I feel proud to be a user of DIOnavi because its functions help me to fulfill that duty."

    University Dental Dr. Armin Hage
Capture the attention of
patient and dentist
For reducing fear for surgery, increasing self-confidence without stress and improving dental management, the answer is the 'DIOnavi.' that captures both the patient and the dentist.
DIOnavi. for the dentist
For the dentist, it is so predictable that the surgery can complete the surgery accurately and safely.
- Dongkeun Chung, Chief Doctor of Segyero Dental Hospital
Feel proud as a user
DIOnavi. users feel pride for fulfilling the basic duties of a dentist.
- University Dental Dr. Armin Hage
'Over 20K Hole of 'DIOnavi.' Accumulated
Overturn the world's dental system
'DIOnavi.' rushing to the global market
200,000 Hole Breakthrough of DIOnavi. Surgery
Breakthrough 200,000 Hole of DIOnavi. Surgery
Accumulation of 200,000 Hole on 'DIOnavi.' Surgery Doubled in a year!