IDS 2019
IDS, the world's largest international exhibition of dental products
Eco Digital Implants DIO highlights 'International Dental Show 2019'
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IDS, the world's largest international exhibition of dental products
Every two years, there is a fair that brings many visitors, including dentists from around the world. That is International Dental Show.
It was held in Cologne, Germany for five days from March 12 to 16 and 2,327 companies from 64 countries around the world and 160,000 people from 166 countries participated.
The exhibition is attended by some of the world's leading dental and equipment manufacturers. There are so many things to see.
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Successful Innovation with advancement
Many people have chosen DIO UV Activator2', which was born after seven years of research and development, as the most eye-catching display on IDS this year.

Unique design, overwhelming aura of innovation, everyone has no choice but to stop walking. When you look at the product, you'll be amazed.

It's full of exclamations with the shutter sounds of camera coming from everywhere.

The UV Actuator is not a medical device. But why are many people fascinated by the UV Actuator?
You can find it in the 'UV Lighting' technology. UV Activator2' complements and resolves the UV light transmittance and UV lighting loss of existing systems and is like a high-tech aggregator with many advantages.
While 20 minutes of UV Irradiation Time is considered a world-class technology in existing systems, UV Activator2' boasts an aura of innovation that cannot be comparable by drastically reducing the UV Irradiation Time to 20 seconds.
UV Activator2' to remove objects from the surface of the implant and to refine the surface, only 20 seconds is sufficient. The amazing innovation that doesn't exist in the world now we can meet in DIO.
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When you think of DIO, there are new icons that come to mind when you listen to them.
That is Digital dentistry A to Z and DIO Digital Seminar.
DIO also offered lectures in 'IDS 2019' on the know-how and digital workflow of five experts who have lots of clinical experiences.

I will see you again at IDS in 2021.
I'm looking forward to the next two years as we see how far DIO’s greatest innovation of the world can be.
I will see you again at IDS in 2021.