DIOnavi. User Interview

Lee Si Cheol, of BeSeTo Dental Clinic

 “A product faithful to its role as a surgical stent” 
  • - Periodontist
  • - Adjunct Professor at the Department of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, Dankook University
  • - VIP Member of Oral and Maxillofacial Implant Society
  • - Member of the Korean Academy of Periodontists
  • - Asian, Pacific Invisalign Clinical Advisory
  • - Invisalign Korean Clinical Instructor and Invisalign Center Director
  • - Head Periodontist of Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital
  • - Korea University Hospital Orthodontic Training


“A product faithful to its role as a surgical stent”

Director Lee Si Cheol (BESETO Dental Clinic) is a periodontal specialist of 16 years since opening, who provides the best medical care to patients with advanced digital equipment, the best medical staff, comfort with convenience, and a relaxed space.
He graduated from Dankook University Dental College in 1997. Trained as a periodontist, he opened a dental clinic in a large shopping mall in Yeongdeungpo 10 years ago and provides optimized dental care services.
He strives to acquire and develop convenient and upgraded treatment and new medical technology, to create a patient-centered hospital that treats patients as family and to stay faithful to the basics in treatment.
Although Director Lee has not entered fully into digital dentistry, he is using the navigation implant 'DIOnavi' of digital dentistry leader Dio with satisfaction.
He explained, "I knew about Dio at the beginning of opening the office, but after coming across a variety of implant kits recently, I have been mainly using Dio products. 'DIOnavi' has the advantage of placing the implant in the precise position I want."

A patient-tailored procedure is possible.
The navigation implant 'DIOnavi' determines the best treatment method after 3D computer simulated surgery and can perform the treatment quickly. Since the complete process is based on digital data, the pre-operative 3D computer simulation helps determine the position, angle, and depth of the implant according to the patient's oral cavity and gingival bone.
Director Lee said, "The biggest advantage of Digital Navigation 'DIOnavi' is its faithful role as a surgical stent."
He explained, "In addition, it is satisfying that it reduces the patient's discomfort and the chair time at the same time. Healing is quick and I can place the implant exactly where I want.”
'DIOnavi' is designed to be able to fix the surgeon stent outside the guide, so the product meets the most basic stent condition in the procedure.
In particular, Director Lee conveniently utilizes it when navigation surgery is necessary depending on the patient's condition such as the bone, gums, and disease.
He said, "Basically, it should be used by the needs of the surgeon. The surgical stent was an important step in the absence of CT in the past. Now, CT and 3D can accurately identify the patient's condition. The use of a surgical stent is the first reason to use 'DIOnavi.'"
DIOnavi is strongly recommended for patients with systemic diseases, those who need immediate placement after extraction, and those who are afraid of surgery.
Derives safe surgical results.
Director Lee's general medical philosophy is that the patient's safety is of utmost importance.
"When we evaluate the success rate of implant surgery, we are confident in 98 ~ 99% success, but if a patient who underwent the surgery receives a failed result, the patient will experience a failure rate of 100%," he said. "Safety is the most important in order to get the initial fixation rate and long-term maintenance result."
In addition, he said, "Guided surgery, 3D scanners, and etc. are variously available nowadays and will become more popularized in the future. I will continue to treat patients with a safe and efficient system that the surgeon himself can be satisfied with."
Director Lee said, "'DIOnavi' is made based on the knowledge of accuracy, and the surgeon can ask the vendor for what is needed, in which it is immediately supplemented. I use it satisfactorily." Also, "I strongly recommend DIOnavi for surgeries without cutting the gums, when initial fixation is unstable and for more sensitive cases.
Also, he said, "If it is well placed and the initial treatment plan is successful, the patient will be satisfied." He advised, “Implant treatment should be done with a focus on how to use it under the judgment of a surgeon, such as a guide, immediate placement, or incision."
Meanwhile, 'DIOnavi' captures the oral cavity comfortably in a short time with the 3D image scanning equipment, and it accurately realizes the patient's oral cavity to 99.9%.
In addition, implant navigation makes it possible to perform the procedure according to the simulated procedure through the surgical guiding device and it has a quick recovery and less risk of infection than the existing product.

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]