DIOnavi. User Interview

Kim Ji-Woo, of Digital dental clinic

 “The power of DIOnavi that turns imagination into reality” 
  • - Graduated from the School of Architecture, Seoul National University, B.A.
  • - Graduated from the Graduate School of Dentistry, Chosun University, M.A.
  • - Completed the implant training course from Graduate School of Dentistry, Seoul National University
  • - Completed the implant training course from Harvard University
  • - Lifetime member and outstanding prosthetic surgeon of the Korean Academy of Dental Prosthetics
  • - Lifetime member and sports team doctor of the Korean Academy of Sports Dentistry
  • - Dental treatment support at the Pyeongchang Athletes Village during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
  • - Key Doctor of DIO Implant
  • - Instructor of NYU-DIO International Digital Academy
  • - Instructor of DIO Digital Academy


“The power of DIOnavi that turns imagination into reality”

“We never stop to actively introduce new digital technologies that generate accurate design blueprints from the first stage of diagnosis, based on the motto to ‘consider the best method of treatment for both patient and surgeon.’”
Dr. Ji-Woo Kim (Director of Deopyeonhan Digital Dentistry) who first opened his clinic in 2015 at Gijang-gu, Busan Metropolitan City where he was born and raised, is a DIOnavi user who has been applying digital technology since the opening of his clinic. His decision to implement DIOnavi was based on his affirmation that digital dental technology has reached the level required in dental surgery.
Before becoming a dentist, he majored in architecture and worked for some time as an architect. “When constructing a house, blueprints help you to resolve various complicated and difficult problems and CAD software is how you develop those blueprints. I’ve been using CAD software for over 20 years but as a dentist it was difficult to perform implant or prosthetic surgeries based just on my instinct without having a proper plan or blueprint.”
While searching for a way to resolve these problems, Dr. Kim came across DIOnavi, an EcoDigital navigation system that generates easy and accurate designs for the entire end-to-end process from diagnosis to final restoration, which provided him the pathway to pursue dentistry.

DIOnavi, similar to architectural design
Dr. Kim states, “I have no major difficulty since there are a lot of similarities between architecture and dentistry. In order to complete the construction of buildings with the highest perfection, even the slightest mistakes are not allowed. This is the same for dental treatments. Utilizing digital technology can help physicians predict results prior to surgery with the added benefit of notifying surgical results with over 95% accuracy to the patients.”
This is all thanks to DIOnavi, based on a reverse implant design process in which the final product is designed by applying digital information obtained from the oral scanner and interfaced to the software.
Dr. Kim explains that the DIOnavi system is equipped with finesse based on scientific research and data and that its process is similar to that of architecture stating that, “placing implants in the accurately planned location and angle reduces the substantial concerns and problems related to after-care of prosthesis and post-op maintenance and complications.”
In particular, he mentions the advanced digital mind-set, outstanding professional manpower and level of technology that DIO provides are highly reliable, and that DIO’s support in the digital work process is crucial for clinicians to achieve the best performance for every patient.
“Inarguably, the most perfect guided system”
Most dental clinics that are hesitant in implementing the digitally guided system are concerned that they will not be able to fully utilize the digital devices despite their benefits being evident.
Dr. Kim advises that, “the implementation of digital implant technology may seem like an extension of implant surgery, but in fact it should be approached from a totally different technological perspective. DIOnavi transforms an imaginative process into a living reality.”
Adding that, “it is important to learn the DIOnavi process in-depth to properly understand how it works. It may take considerable time and effort, but think of it as an investment for the future that will be worth so much more. It is impossible to ignore new trends and technologies in the era of digitalization we are living in. Hence, we are also in the age of digital dentistry which is inevitably not a choice but a must.”
DIO’s foundation based on innovative technology
DIOnavi has compiled big data of over 200,000 implant surgeries in Korea alone, optimized for the know-how and digitalization of DIO.
Dr. Kim states that, “DIOnavi provides all solutions from simple to complex surgeries, and also helps surgeons first adopting guided surgery based on a wide range of data. It provides convenience and safety for clinicians who are attempting their first implant surgery as well as for those who have bad experiences from previous implant surgeries.”
Further, he states that, “the medical staff can place more weight on value rather than cost, since we are fully capable of providing the optimal results that the patients wish for. This will help clinics using DIOnavi in their struggle to gain the competitive edge in their region.”
Dr. Kim strives to become the leading digital dental clinic in the Eastern Busan region. He affirms that, “we are creating a clinic brand based on new values by accumulating successful and effective surgical results through DIOnavi. I would like to be remembered as a medical expert acknowledged by patients for the high quality of treatment provided rather than the costs charged.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]