DIOnavi. User Interview

Seo Jeong-Wook, of Yonsei Pyeonanhan Dental Clinic

 ‘DIOnavi’ is standing tall at the center of the ‘Digital’ general trend 
  • - Graduated from Yonsei University College of Dentistry
  • - Chief Doctor of Yonsei Comportable Dental Clinic


“ ‘DIOnavi’ is standing tall at the center of the ‘Digital’ general trend”

Director Seo Jeongwook (Yonsei Pyeonanhan Dental Clinic) on the 10th year of operation has been wondering what the general trends in dental industry were after he opened a new dental practice in Cheonan 4 years ago, and he has found the answer in ‘Digital’.
Two years ago, he purchased an oral scanner so that both patient and practitioner can seek comfortable treatment, and he jumped into the digital dentistry market in earnest, resolving that he would show the whole process occurring at the dental clinic in digital form.
Director Seo says “I’ve thought that DIO is the oldest enterprise that has fully studied digital practices while keying on the pertinent aspects called ‘digital’ since long ago”, and, “The greatest advantage of the systems of navigation of the implant ‘DIOnavi’, etc. is accuracy, and DIO is the system that personally suits me best” to explain the background of incorporation.
He is practicing the whole process of implant by utilizing ‘DIOnavi’. He is providing active digital treatments including a personal design of software, production of guide, etc.

Finishing difficult cases in the blink of an eye using ‘DIOnavi’
‘DIOnavi’ conducts a simulated operation of the process with 3D computers by proceeding with the process before treatment through digital data, helping identification of not only placement position according the individual’s oral structure, and gum bone, but also even at depth.
Dr. Seo said, “Implant placement using ‘DIOnavi’ and the cases otherwise are as far apart as the earth from the heavens”, and “patients are highly satisfied because there is no separate process for patterning as the oral scanner is used”, as well as, “it not only simplifies the practice method but also is tremendously accurate, albeit simple”. According to him, even occlusal adjustment is almost not needed because it reduces even errors with the guide system.
He continued saying, “The best advantage of a digital guide is that the implant can be placed accurately at the location I want”, and “it is an advantage to both practitioner and patient because pain and swelling are reduced and the time to final prosthesis is relatively shortened from the standpoint of the ‘DIOnavi’ patient‘”.
‘Digital’ is differentiated competitiveness
Dr. Seo is giving small but active treatments through navigation implant items called ‘Digital’. He related, “There are some dentists who compete by simply lowering prices. Personally speaking, I am also getting much interest in management aspect as I approach the patients with a differentiated items called digital”.
Because of mouth-to-mouth conveyance of the patients who already left after getting implant procedures from Dr. Seo, the frequency by which patients are desiring navigation implant procedures is being increased.
He said, “The goal where one director together with 2~3 employees wants to repay patients with high-quality treatment using high-level digital is being realized”, and “particularly, if the medical industry cannot find assistant personnel, then incorporation of digital procedures must be one of the supremely excellent methods”.
Director Seo added, “surgical assistance with high difficulty is possible even without skilled staff since gum incisions are not necessary from the practitioner’s standpoint”, and “if preparatory processes can be perfectly set up, simple surgery is possible even with one staff member”.
Reliability between practitioner and patient UP
Although it is a safe and convenient digital system, Dr. Seo is meeting with patients based on a 100% reservation system to show more results that are accurate to patients.
He says, “I tend to personally conduct consultations as often as possible. I view treatment based on the philosophy that the doctor takes responsibility for everything from hospital visits to the conclusion of surgery”, and “only one patient is allowed to come to the treatment office; a reservation system is being operated so that I can give my best attention and service to one patient rather than seeing several patients at one go”.
Then he stated, “being acknowledged with good material, equipment, and systems starts to form the trust between the patient and the practitioner,” and “unless trust is built, consultation does not lead to treatment”.
He added, “in my surroundings, there are those who cannot even attempt to advance because of the fear for a change even though they want to incorporate ‘digital’”, and urged, “in the future, treatment areas related to digital procedures will expand, and the development will become faster. Please put up a challenge with an interest in digital dentistry before you see the completely universal trend”.

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]