DIOnavi. User Interview

Dr. Kim, Soon Ki, Director of DAON Dental Clinic in Euijeongbu

 Improving competitiveness of dental clinic with
the best confidence and trust of 'DIOnavi.' 


“Fortify dental competitiveness with ‘DIOnavi.’ implanted with utmost trust”

“Even from the time of my career as a dentist affiliated with hospital before I opened my own clinic, there were a lot of senior and fellow dentists at the hospital who highly praised navigation digital implant, ‘DIOnavi.’ I began to use ‘DIOnavi.’ in earnest when I opened my own clinic in October 2017. It has become a system that everyone including the surgeon and patients are content with.”
Dr. Kim, Soon Ki, Director of DAON Dental Clinic in Euijeongbu, in his 3rd year of having opened his own clinic, has been introducing navigation implant, ‘DIOnavi.’, of the leading digital dentistry company, DIO Corp., to offer procedures that are less painful to the patients needing placement of implants.
While preparing for the opening of his clinic, and treating and encountering patients at the moment, the philosophy for the treatment that he pursued with foremost priority was to ‘approach treatments that the patients can be satisfied with by making them least painful’. As such, ‘DIOnavi.’ is one of the systems that correspond to his goal.

Decisive reason for choosing ‘DIOnavi.’
“I pondered over competitiveness I can appeal to the potential patients as a young dentist with very short careers of having operated my own clinic as a beginner. I found the answer in ‘DIOnavi.’, which is capable of presenting the image of professional and the latest advanced technology to the patients.”
This is one of the main reasons for Dr. Kim having chosen navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’ He was able to achieve high level of satisfaction of the patients by executing the entire treatment procedures by digital data through ‘DIOnavi.’ as a system capable of assessing the location, angle and depth of placement in accordance with the oral structure and ulitis of individual patients after mock surgery with 3D computer prior to the actual surgery on the patients.
He said “It is able to endow and highlight the image of a dental clinic that uses the most advanced technology to the patients and is joyful to experience the benefits of such image with the patients finding it quite appealing.” He displayed his contentment that, “most importantly, it enables me to shorten the time take for the surgery since I do not have to make incision in the gum, unlike the ordinary implant procedures. Accordingly, the chair-time is naturally reduced along with reduction in the pain that patients experience, thereby resulting in neater treatment results.”
From the position of the patients who are fearful of visiting dental clinic due to the pain as well as the burden of the treatment period, which is not short but necessary for the implant treatment, it is obvious that they will have enhanced trust for the surgeon capable of performing procedures by using ‘DIOnavi.’ that results in outstanding prognosis due to accurate placement without errors.
Accurate and the best procedures are possible
More than 95% of the implant patients of Daon Dental Clinic in Euijeongbu, selected as an outstanding clinic for digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’, experiences dental procedures with navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’
Although majority of patients who chose ‘DIOnavi.’ at the time of consultation during the early days of the opening of his clinic did so due to the advantage of the convenience and comfort that digitalization provides from the stage of diagnosis to execution of procedures, the excellence of Daon Dental Clinic has spread throughout Euijeongbu through the words of mouth and patients are visiting his clinic to experience treatment with the application of ‘DIOnavi.’
Dr. Kim stated that, “the neighborhood where my clinic is situated has a lot of elderly people. I named my clinic ‘Daon (abundance of warmth)’ in order to give the feeling of warmth to the patients,” and that, “I experience the utmost fulfillment as a dentist when I am being thanked by patients for having treated their illness.”
I will fulfill my responsibility as a dentist
Daon Dental Clinic, unlike other dental clinics, is implementing ‘dental guarantee system’.
Dr. Kim commented that, “my first goal is to build up a dental clinic that all patients are satisfied with as the director of a medical institution ahead of my status as a dentist,” and that, “I will continue to put efforts for individuals, patients and staffs.”
He also disclosed that, “another unique competitiveness of my clinic is the ‘dental guarantee system’ provided as one of the benefits for the patient. It signifies guarantee for our responsibilities for kind and easy to understand explanations, painless anesthetics and for problems that occur after treatment, etc.,” and that, “I can become negligent of other aspects of the services I provide as a dentist if I pay attention only to the income generation of the clinic. I would like to approach my patients by putting in my utmost efforts by continuously providing the most accurate treatment in the future.”
Lastly, Dr. Kim assertively recommended ‘DIOnavi.’ to his colleagues by saying, “‘DIOnavi.’ enables surgery without incision by using navigation guide, customized abutment that fits perfectly to the gum, temporary tooth prepared in advance through accurate diagnosis and accurate placement executed after 3D simulation surgery.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]