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NEWSLETTER 2021. 08.

DIO News

DIO Digital Full Arch Symposium Successfully Held in the US
The best speakers and the best lectures were praised by the participants

‘DIO Ecosystem’ Special Promotion Introduced at HODEX 2021
Presenting a shortcut to complete digital dentistry... flood of inquiries from visitors

DIO Online Seminar

Oct. 7 (Thur)

DIOnavi. Full Arch rehabilitation : A Case study Dr. Radhika Sahini

Oct. 21 (Thur)

Immediate Full Arch Treatment : A Digital Solution Dr. Ammar Taimish

Oct. 30 (Sat)

Accurate, Reliable, and Efficient Edentulous Solution, "DIOnavi. Full Arch" Dr. Luis Cuadrado de Vicente
Dr. Luis Cuadrado Canals

DIOnavi. Learning Contents

DIOnavi. Full Arch hands-on prosthesis part

PR Movie

Workflow Overview DIO PROBO Z

Materials to Download

Conviction over Innovation! : Over 500,000 implants have been placed with DIOnavi.

DIO Ecosystem Brochure Ver.1.2 (EN)

3D Printing Materials Brochure Ver.2 (EN)

DIO PROBO Z Brochure Ver.2 (EN)

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