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NEWSLETTER 2022. 04.

DIO News

DIO has participated in "BDEX 2022" successfully
Great digital dental treatment system with self-developed technology!

DIO holds the 34th annual shareholder meeting
Vertically integrated digital solutions demonstrate technological strength
Commitment to continue the reputation as the global company leading innovation

DIO, the first global medical device industry to hold LPGA tour ‘2022 DIO Implant LA Open’
To announce the status of DIO, a leading digital dentistry company, to the world

DIOnavi. User Interview

DIOnavi. Learning Contents

Implant placement in the extraction socket by using 2 Surgical Guides

PR Movie

Process for recording jaw relationships

Materials to Download

Implant Consultation binder Ver.1 (EN)

[Be Alive! DIO UV Active]

DIOnavi. [Real Digital Implant, DIOnavi.]

UV Active Clinical Case Studies (EN)

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