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NEWSLETTER 2022. 07.

DIO News

‘DIO Digital Seminar 2022’ Registration Almost at Full Capacity
Presenting a effective digital dental treatment methods

[UV User Interview] Jeonju Yeil Dental Clinic Dr. Donghyun Hwang
How DIO’s UV implant system helped me with not only treatment but also my dental operation in general

DIO Online Seminar

July. 7 (Thur)

Full Arch: The Updated Workflow Dr. Riley Clark

July. 14 (Thur)

The Holy Digital Trinity : Oral Scan, CT, and the Bite Dr. Riley Clark

July. 21 (Thur)

Digital Full Arch : How to Overcome the Low Density Dr. Kangduck Choi

July. 28 (Thur)

Digital Full Arch : 300 Case Reviews - Taking the Highway to a Profitable Practice Dr. Kangduck Choi

DIOnavi. User Interview

DIOnavi. Learning Contents

How to take photos for DIOnavi. Full Arch prosthesis

PR Movie

One smile at a time, DIO IMPLANT

Materials to Download

Over 600,000 implants have been placed with DIOnavi.

DIOnavi. Consultation binder Ver.4 (EN)

DIOnavi. Brochure Ver. 3 (EN)

UV Active Clinical Case Studies

Past Newsletters MORE

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