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DIO Successfully Hosts First ‘Digital Dental Tech Seminar’.

Korea 11 August, 2018

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DIO Successfully Hosts First ‘Digital Dental Tech Seminar’.
Sharing Knowledge on Digital Dental Technology.
DIO Implant, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) successfully hosted the Digital Dental Tech Seminar on August 11th in the facility at DIO Headquarter in Busan.

This was the first seminar at DIO on digital dental technology, presenting new digital trends and the future of dental technology with over 100 dental technicians in attendance.
Dongbin Lee (Assistant Manager) opened the seminar with a presentation on the 3Shape Dental System. Participants showed high level interest in his demonstration on CAD/CAM digital workflow using Trios Implant Studio.

This was followed by Jaedoo Lee (Director, Welcome Dental Technical Laboratory) presenting on “The Process and Precautions of Immediate prosthesis and Modeless Prosthesis using Stock Abutment Library”. Mr. Lee was praised for providing practical tips based on his clinical applications and experience.

The last session was presented by Richard Youn (Manager, DIO) on “How to gain the most from 3D Printers”.
He shared information on the present and future of 3D printing and the various applications and methods of 3D printing in dental technology.

“As this was the first Digital Technology seminar, we added only the introductory and essential information to our curriculum,” said Sangwook Lim(Vice President of Marketing Division). “Digitalism in the field of dental technology in Korea is developing rapidly. DIO plans to continue and expand seminars on digital dental technology and create a platform where expert technicians can come to share practical tips and knowledge,” he added.
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