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DIO Digital Academy Drives Enthusiasm in Vietnam.

Vietnam 19 August, 2018

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DIO Digital Academy Drives Enthusiasm in Vietnam.
Vietnam Dental Hospital and Digital Dentistry Technical Agreement.
DIO Implant, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) signed a business agreement with Vietnam Dental Hospital to create advancement and establish working relationship in Vietnamese market.

On August 19, 2018, DIO signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the local dental hospital SaiGon Dental Hospital (SG Dental Hospital) and the official provider VIETNAM SMART DENTAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITED (SDS). Vietnam's local broadcaster HTV widely covered Vietnam's technology agreement to provide medical technology throughout the digital dentistry.
Following the agreement, enrolled patients for implant surgery participated at press conference on ‘Fully Digital Computer Guided Surgery System ‘DIOnavi.’ held in Tien Nguyen (SG Dental Hospital), and three patients agreed to get implant surgery with DIOnavi. onsite right away.
In addition, Dr. Yuseok Jung (Seoul Prime Dental Clinic) introduced live surgery using digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ directly. All of the SG dental clinic staff members were interested in the live surgery, which was operated for two patients in 30 minutes, and many visitors gave a big hand for the perfect operation that did not require adjustment of the occlusion.
On the 21st, DIO Digital Academy in Vietnam (DDA) was held at Hanoi Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Palace in Vietnam. About 30 dentists from Vietnam participated in the event and continued the enthusiasm for the digital dentistry.

Dr. Jung also gave a lecture in DDA and conducted didactic sections on the theme of 'Edentulous Case' in the morning and afternoon with hands-on practice. 'Edentulous' hands-on practice generated high interests among Vietnamese dentists. In spite of a difficult case, doctors were impressed with the ease and accuracy of the procedure and prosthesis based on following the surgical protocol.

"This technical agreement and DDA have enabled us to secure a strong drive for the Southeast Asian market, which has great potential for growth. We will continue to strengthen our global presence as an innovative solution that meets diverse needs.” said Sangwook Lim, vice president of DIO marketing team.
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