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Korea 22 August, 2018

  • ‘제2회 한중 의사 교류회’ 단체사진

  • ‘제2회 한중 의사 교류회’ 단체사진

Sharing of knowledge on various applications of ‘3D PRINTER DIO PROBO USER MEETING’.
DIO Implant, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) successfully hosted the ‘3D PRINTER DIO PROBO USER MEETING’ on August 22nd in the facility at DIO Headquarter in Busan.
Users from the regions of Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam participated in the user meeting to share their knowledge and experience on DIO PROBO and its clinical applications.

Bongsu Ko (Vice President of DIO R&D division) opened the first presentation on Understanding The Principles of 3D printers. He provided a basic overview of 3D printing technology in his lecture.
Dongkeun Chung (Chief Doctor of Segyero Dental Hospital) presented next with a lecture on 2Hour Digital Implant Surgery and Utilizing 3D Printers. He shared various clinical applications and clinical results using DIO PROBO.
In particular, Dr. Chung provided practical tips on how to deal with various clinical cases when applying the technology in actual clinical settings.
His presentation was much appreciated by the attendees for conveying useful clinical know-hows collected by power users in their clinical settings. The meeting wrapped up with a final Q&A session in which participants shared and discussed useful clinical information and tips regarding DIO PROBO and its various applications.

“The number of DIO PROBO users is increasing across the country,” said Sangwuk Lim, Vice President of DIO Marketing Team, “We plan to continue and expand user workshops nationwide and create platforms for users to come together to share various applications and clinical know-hows of DIO PROBO,” he added.
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