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DIO Digital Academy, a Training Academy for Engineering World-Class Digital Dentistry Experts.

Korea 13-15 September, 2018

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DIO Digital Academy, a Training Academy for Engineering World-Class Digital Dentistry Experts.
Collaboration with global prestigious NYU and 3Shape in providing joint training program.
DIO Corporation, a leader in digital dentistry (CEO Jincheol Kim and Jinbaek Kim) has set the wheels in motion for DIO Digital Academy (DDA) to engineer world-class digital dentistry experts. In 2016, DIO first launched its DDA program to train experts in DIOnavi. with the program being held more than 150 times a year, over 2,000 dentists have participated to learn the excellence of DIOnavi.

This year, DIO Digital Academy is collaborating with the global prestigious College of Dentistry in New York University (NYU), and 3Shape, a market-leading provider of medical devices and dental materials with the aim to foster global leaders in the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.

The academy will provide a systematic education program based on a foundation of trust by building a new joint training curriculum. Also, the course will be filled with lectures and practical exercises guided by globally renowned experts in the field of digital dentistry, who are the foremost top clinical researches around the world.

The program will be held at DIO Headquarters in Centum City, Busan, South Korea at starting in September from China, October from Australia and November from Taiwan. The training program is held 20times per year aiming to become the center of dental education around the world.

The first day started with Dr. Junhyouk Shin(Digital Art Dental Clinic) lecture on the 3Shape Intra Oral Scanner. He touched on topics ranging from △Introduction and Indication of the Intra Oral Scanner △Intra Oral Scanner Workflow △Case introduction on applications of Intra Oral Scanner in natural teeth prosthesis. Dr. Shin also lectured on “Digital Prosthesis Planning” on topics ranging from △Introduction and Understanding Digital Prosthesis Planning △ Introduction to real cases on Digital Prosthesis Planning. His lecture was applauded by the participants.

Dr. Dongkeun Chung(Chief Doctor of Segyero Dental Hospital) opened the next lectures on Digital Implant Planning touching on topics including △An Introduction and Understanding on Digital Implant Planning △Introduction to real cases on Digital Implant Planning △Guide Design and Printing using the 3D Printer. He also shared various cases studies on △Real cases on digital workflow and case reports, and an Introduction to the Live Surgery (planned to be held the next day) △Trouble Shooting and Q&A which opened a platform for dentists from China to share questions and gain answers from.

The second day started with a lecture on 3D printers by Mr. Bongsu Ko(Vice President of DIO R&D Division). He presented on topics including △Understanding 3D Printers △Introduction and Indications of DIO PROBO △Printing Guides and Crowns Using Materials △ Practical Training on Tightening the Sleeve.

Dr. Jaeseok Kang (Director of Mokpo Yedam Dental Hospital) lectured on DDA (NYU_Advance) on topics including △Theoretical Presentation on Case Studies according to Level of Complexity and Examples on Overcoming Failure △Anterior, Posterior, Sinus Hands-on Training. Dr. Kang’s lecture was enough to amaze participants.

For the following two days, participants divided into two groups to observe the live surgeries held at Newton Dental Hospital and Segyero Dental Hospital.

Dr. Dongkeun Chung led the live surgery at Segyero Dental Hospital. He operated a #26,#27,#28 Sinus Case on the 14th, and a #36,#37 Case on the 15th while Dr. HyunLak Son led the live surgery at Newton Dental Hospital operating a #11,#21 immediate placement of implant in extraction, and temporary crown tightening on the 14th, and a #14,#15,#16,#17,#47 Case on the 15th.

On the last day, Dr. Hyangyeon Lee(Michigan Dental Clinic) presented on “Sinus Crestal Aproach & Sinus Lateral Approach” and provided various approaches and examples of Sinus cases with GBR. The lecture was followed by a Q&A session which helped participants gain a better understanding of how to deal with difficult cases.

Lastly, Professor Jungbo Huh(Busan National University Dental Hospital) closed the 3 day training course in success by presenting on how to trouble shoot and provided various case studies.

KangJoon Choi, General Manager of DIO and general organizer of this event said “DIO Digital Academy was established because DIO believes in the importance of developing training contents that fit the market environment. DIO is planning to further strengthen its global education network by collaborating with the world’s top-leading Universities and digital dental companies to lead the global training sector in digital dentistry, in aims to provide various learning opportunities to dentists around the world.”
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