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DIO, Held a Commemorative Event for Its 31st Anniversary

Korea 1 Feb, 2019

Pledging to Open a New Market and Soar Higher through Digital Innovation
DIO Corp. (CEO Jin Baek Kim), a company leading digital dentistry, held commemorative event for its 31st anniversary at its headquarters in Centum, Busan on the 1st, and pledged to soar higher in the forthcoming years.
Chairman Jin Cheol Kim, in his commemorative opening address, stated that, “DIO was able to grow as a company equipped with firm financial soundness and unlimited potential for growth due to the strong sense of responsibilities and the passion of our staff members and executives over the last 30 years. In addition, I am looking forward to the next 30 years even more since we are equipped with clear goals and definitive strategies, and we have excellent human resources to execute such strategies.” He also added that, “I sincerely hope that all the staff members and executives will unify in putting in our utmost efforts to provide advanced systems for innovative digital dentistry in the future.”
This commemorative event on the 31st anniversary of the company was live-broadcasted to all the branch offices of the company throughout the country, and was highlighted with the awarding of long-term employment staffs, citation of model staffs and congratulations offered for the promoted staffs and executives.
Meanwhile, DIO is spurring on with technological and educational innovations in earnest through commencement of construction of an R&D Center and expansion of operations of the ‘DIO Digital Academy’ this year.