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DIO, Operating ‘DIO Digital Academy’ in Earnest

Korea 20~22 Mar, 2019

Propagating Advanced Medical Technology for Digital Dentistry in China
DIO, Corp. (CEO Jin Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, began operation of ‘DIO Digital Academy’, which is a global program for cultivation of competent personnel in digital dentistry, in earnest.
DIO, following the execution of the program last year, successfully completed sessions 5 and 6 of ‘DIO Digital Academy’ for more than 30 dentists in China over two periods of 3 days from January 15 ~ 17 and from February 20~22 this year.

Extensive number of speakers with abundance of clinical experiences and necessary knowledge in the area of digital dentistry participated in this ‘DIO Digital Academy’ this year.
In the Digital Implant session, Dr. Dong Geun Jeong (Segyero Dental Hospital) and Dr. Jae Seok Kang (Mokpo Yedalm Dental Hospital) provided secretes for effective utilization of Digital Implant DIO Navi and they shared their diversified clinical applications, and passed on the core knowledge of digital dentistry by introducing live surgery through the use of the digital dental treatment system and DIO Navi.
In the digital dental prosthesis session, Dr. Jun Hyeok Shin (Digital Art Dental Clinic) and Dr. So Hyeon Lee (College of Dentistry of Busan National University) unsparingly handed over their personal experiences from the perspective of dental prosthesis for successful implant treatment including the optimal location for embedding implants and methods of occlusion and designing of implant prostheses, etc.
In addition, Professor Jung Bo Heo (College of Dentistry of Busan National University) provided a special lecture session in which he disclosed tips on the Guide utilized and considerations that needed to be made for Immediate Implantation and Loading for each of the diversified cases that can be applied immediately in clinical settings.

Mr. Gang Jun Choi, a director of DIO, commented that, “‘DIO Digital Academy’ was markedly expanded in its operation this year in comparison to last year. This is an innovative educational program of DIO and is becoming the leading training academy for global digital dentistry,” and that “DIO shall continue to put utmost efforts to lead the future advancement of digital dentistry by transcending the boundaries of educational innovation.”