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DIO Introduces New Digital Experiences that Transcend Innovation at SIDEX

Korea 10-12 May, 2019

Spotlight on UV Activator 2, Introduced for the First Time in Korea
DIO Corporation (CEO, Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, participated in ‘SIDEX 2019’ held at COEX in Seoul from May 10 to 12, to present new digital experiences with DIO’s competitive digital solutions embedded with innovative technology.
DIO gained acclamation for the successful exhibition of DIOnavi and its full lineup from the digital workflowᅳan end-to-end solution for digital implants from the initial patient visit to diagnosis, planning, guide printing and surgeryᅳand also modeless prostheses.

DIO attracted a wide range of visitors by displaying for the first time, the UV Activator 2, highly equipped with competitive and innovative design & technology. The UV Activator 2 is being highlighted as the next-generation surface irradiation device for hydrophilicity, enabling faster osseointegration by removing the adhesion of diverse organic impurities on the hydrophobic SLA surface-processed titanium surface through UV irradiation.
In particular, the UV Activator 2 drew the most attention among all the other products displayed at SIDEX with its uniquely fast UV irradiation, taking just 20 seconds to completion, from the original 15 minutes. The UV Activator 2 has been upgraded through intensive research and has highly improved and corrected the UV ray penetration, absorption and loss functions of the previous version.
In addition, diversified digital solutions of DIO including Programill PM7 from Ivoclar Digital, a milling machine with unprecedented speed and accuracy based on the most advanced technology, and PL900S, a Chair-side milling machine from Amanngirrbach IDC with the best cost-effectiveness were introduced in Korea for the first time in addition to DIOnavi.

CEO Jin-Baek Kim of DIO Corporation, personally led the R&D innovation, disclosing that, “for the past seven years, DIO focused on introducing new experiences that transcends innovation. It is evident that through this exhibition, DIO’s technologies are unique and competitive to other products. In particular, the UV Activator 2 was introduced in Korea for the first time. We developed the UV Activator 2 with the goal of creating innovation in the dental industry by concentrating on building technologies that have not been experienced in the past. DIO shall continue to lead the global market in the future based on the foundation of developing innovative technologies for which customers can experience their practical values in the dental clinics.”
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