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All Eyes on the Programill PM7, the Ultimate Premium Milling Machine

Korea 28 May, 2019

DIO Targets the Market Led by Technology Focused on High Precision for the Production of Prostheses
Programill PM7, an ultra-premium CAD/CAM device from Ivoclar Digital launched formally in December last year by DIO Corporation (CEO, Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, is gaining the spotlight from dental clinicians with its highly competitive features and quality.
PM7 has integrated cutting-edge technology to provide the highest precision for the fabrication of dental prostheses. In addition, it has unparalleled compatibility with a ranged of milling materials in the market, further enhancing the whole dental digital workflow.
Its Milling Template function which determines the quality and accuracy of the prosthesis can be modified in accordance with the user’s milling format, and the Material Holder together with the other exclusive tools provided, ensures optimum milling quality and diversified options based on the user.

In addition, the PM7 is installed with the 970W / 60,000RPM spindles from Jäger with a 5-axis milling technology applied in which the material and motor rotate simultaneously, enabling the production of high precision prostheses and digital dentures.
8 block-changers and 20 tool changers enhance productivity and work efficiency. Moreover, the PM7 PC with a built-in clamping system and touch screen monitor provides an integrated, verified milling workflow based on convenience.
Smart functions have also been added for easier operation. CAM software that facilitates data interface with the milling machine converts CAD data and automatically sets the required milling route values.

The Ionizer function, which is one of the most powerful functions of the PM7, prevents adhesion of residue to the internal chamber during PMMA, maintaining a clean milling environment. Automatic conversion from wet-to-dry allows users to operate on a clean setting with diverse materials.
Sang-Wook Lim, General Manager of DIO, displayed confidence on the establishment of the ultra-premium digital workflow stating that, “although Programill PM7 is a high cost CAD/CAM device, our selection was based on the fact that it provides the best digital solution.”
He also emphasized that, “DIO is focusing on perfecting the flow of digital dentistry rather than expanding into new business domains. We are devoting all our energy and efforts to achieving this goal, and we will continue to provide future innovative digital solutions that have never been seen before.”
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