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DIO Corp., Speeding up the road to success in its expansion in Indian market

India 1 September ~30 August, 2019

‘DIOnavi’ demonstrated that it is the best solution in the world at the largest implant academic symposium in India, ‘ISOI 2019’.
DIO Corp. (general president, Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, is speeding up its path towards success on the strength of its expansion in the Indian market through innovative technology development and aggressive marketing.

DIO successfully completed its participation in the largest implant academic symposium, ‘The 26th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Oral Implantologists (hereinafter, ISOI 2019)’, held at ‘Renaissance Hotel’ in Mumbai, India over a period of 3 days from August 30 to September 1.
At this ‘ISOI 2019’, DIO presented digital dentistry road map by introducing diversified innovative solutions including ‘DIOnavi’ being evaluated as the most advanced ‘Full Digital Solution’ at the present.
In particular, interests of the participants were focused on UV irradiator, ‘UV Activator2’, being highlighted as the next-generation surface processing technique achieved by adding innovation to innovation. Audience was greatly impressed with the demonstration of how titanium surface becomes hydrophilic, which is advantageous for osseointegration, through only 20 seconds of UV irradiation.
In addition, Dr. Sankalp Mittal (Mittal Dental Clinic) who is actively engaged in activities as a key doctor of DIO provided a lecture under the title of ‘Tectonic shift in implant dentistry with digital workflow’ as a main lecturer for the digital prosthesis session on the last day, thereby receiving fervent responses from the audiences.
Mr. Tae Kim, the director of the overseas business division of DIO, stated that, “innovative DIO digital solutions of DIO are generating an enormous trend in the Indian market with unlimited possibilities,” and that, “DIO shall put our utmost efforts in our expansion in the Indian market through continuous aggressive marketing.

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