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DIO Corp., “Leading the digital dentistry market in Japan through Digital Innovation”

Japan 4~6 Oct, 2019

Successful conclusion of ‘IADDM’ symposium held in Japan
DIO Corp. (representative director: Kim, Jin Baek), a major company in digital dentistry, is leading the digital dentistry market in Japan through digital innovation.

DIO successfully completed its participation in the ‘5th International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine in Nara (hereinafter, IADDM)’ held in Kasugano International Forum Iraka in Japan over a period of 3 days from October 4th to 6th.

The IADDM symposium is the only digital dentistry symposium in the world for exchanging the latest information in the global digital dental industry, and holds presentations by the globally renowned scholars and exhibition of global digital medical devices, etc. DIO was the only domestic medical device company to participate in the symposium as an assertively global partner for 5 successive years in order to leave strong impression in the digital dentistry market in Japan.

In particular, Dr. Akiyoshi Funato (Nagisa Dental Clinic) lecture, a leading scholar in the area of UV photocatalytic implant in Japan who is actively pursuing research activities using ‘UV Activator2’, under the topic of ‘The assimilation of digital and analog technology in Implant dentistry’, and Professor Byeong-Ho Choi lecture, a globally reputed scholar in the area of digital implant (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University), under the topic of ‘Full-Arch Edentulous Restorations: Immediate provisionalization and final titanium framework rehabilitation within two days’ are considered the key lectures of the symposium and received the most positive feedback from the participants.

In addition, heightened local interests on the UV irradiator, ‘UV Activator2’ being highlighted as the next-generation surface processing method along with the evaluation that innovation has been added to the existing innovation, was clearly evident. Participants who personally witnessed the acquisition of hydrophilicity on the titanium surface, which is advantageous in osseointegration only through 20 seconds of UV irradiation, expressed their utmost praises for the technology throughout the duration of the IADDM.

Moreover, there were ceaseless inquiries on ‘Full Digital Solutions’ in addition to ‘DIOnavi.’, the digital implant that led the R&D technology innovation of DIO through unparalleled accuracy and stability.

Mr. Tae-Yeong Kim, the managing director of DIO for Overseas Business Division, disclosed that, “globally renowned technological capabilities of DIO is being acknowledged in the ultra-precision medical device market in Japan,” and that, “DIO shall focus all our capabilities to perform excellency in the global market by transcending the boundaries of the digital dentistry market in Japan on the foundation of our continued R&D technology innovations.”
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