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DIO Corp., Successful landing in Portugal, the birthplace of ‘All-on-4’

Portugal 23~26 Sep, 2019

Thumbs up for the first full digital edentulous solution in the world, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’
The first full digital edentulous solution in the world, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’, of DIO Corp. (representative director: Kim, Jin Baek), a leading company in digital dentistry, landed successfully in Portugal, the birthplace of the ‘All-on-4’ procedure.

DIO held ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch Seminar’ in Porto and Liston in Portugal over the period of 4 days from September 23rd to 26th as the first step in its expansion of business in Europe to launch its successful business in the European market.

This seminar held under the topic of ‘Fully digitalized all-on-4 technique based on DIO Digital Solution’ was given by Professor Byeong-Ho Choi, a globally reputed scholar in the area of digital implant (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University) as the lecturer to mesmerize the local dentists in Portugal renowned for their pride on ‘All-on-4’ procedures through his lecture on the firm theoretical base and perfect clinical cases of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’.

Moreover, DIO successfully completed participation in the '28th Annual Scientific Meeting of European Association for Osseointegration Congress (hereinafter, EAO 2019)’, the symposium of the only implant association in Europe held in Lisbon, Portugal over 4 days from September 26th to 28th. It was possible to experience the popularity of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ in the exhibition held at EAO 2019 to which the fervor of the ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch Seminar’ was tremendously appreciated.

In particular, interests of the dentists in Europe were focused on the UV irradiator, ‘UV Activator2’, introduced in the ‘IDS 2019’ held in March this year, which was evaluated as the next-generation surface processing method. All the participants were impressed with the innovative technology for acquisition of hydrophilicity on the titanium surface, which is advantageous for osseointegration, with UV irradiation time of only 20 seconds.

Mr. Tae-Yeong Kim, the managing director of DIO for Overseas Business Division, stated that, “with the acknowledgement of the innovative technological capabilities of DIO in Portugal, it is anticipated that we will be able to successfully expand in the European market, the birthplace of implant,” and that, “we will put our utmost efforts to have the excellence of DIO be known widely in the European market by taking assertive steps in the future on the foundation of the performances we achieved in Portugal.”
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