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DIO Corp., Holds national tour of ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR 2019’!

Korea 23 Nov~7 Dec, 2019

Starting with Seoul on November 23! Opening the era of UV surface processing system
DIO Corp. (representative director: Kim, Jin Baek), a leading company in digital dentistry, is holding national tour seminar in commemoration of the launching of the surface processing system ‘UV Activator2’, an integration of differentiated technological capabilities.

The forthcoming ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ will disclose actual clinical know-how involved with the application of the ‘UV Implant System’ that enables remarkable achievement of early stage synostosis in implant procedures by inviting highly reputed lecturers who are playing the role of pioneers in the ‘UV Implant System’ and representing the digital dentistry area under the topic of ‘DIO Implant connects with UV’.

Introducing innovation and wonderment throughout the country DIO has been accumulating a diverse range of research technologies by focusing on the titanium surface processing for long time with the resolution of achieving ‘innovation’ rather than ‘evolution’ for the improvement of the biological functions of the titanium surface thus far. In last July, it drew the attention of the market by officially launching the UV irradiator, ‘UV Activator2’, by adding innovation to the existing innovations.
Accordingly, DIO will provide opportunities for even greater number of interested parties of the dentistry field by sharing the latest knowledge and opinions on the well-founded theoretical background and clinical cases of ‘UV Activator2’ in which the latest digital technologies have been integrated and by holding seminars not only in the capital regions but also in the Jungbu and Yeongnam regions. Beginning with the first seminar in Seoul on November 23, it will introduce the excellence of ‘DIO UV Implant System’ throughout the country through ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ also to be held in Busan and Daejeon on November 30 and December 7, respectively.

Evolution of innovation, opening the era of DIO UV surface processing With the continuous emergency of solutions in which advanced digital technologies have been grafted in the area of implant surface processing, new surface processing is becoming essential rather than an option now. The forthcoming ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ will feature the best clinical surgeons in each area as lecturers to present new paradigms under the digital environment for UV (ultraviolet ray)-based surface processing.
Lecturers including Dr. Yeong-Geun Hyeon (Director of Perioplant Dental Clinic), Dr. Jae-Seok Kang (Director of Yedarm Dental Hospital), Dr. Min-Seok (General Manager of Seon Dental Hospital), Dr. Hyeon-Rak Son (Director of Newton Dental Hospital) and Dr. Jeong-Heon Lee (Director of ATA Dental Clinic), etc. will offer masterful lectures to open the era of UV surface processing.
In particular, all the effective clinical application know-how on the ‘DIO UV Implant System’ including not only shortening of the treatment period but also expansion of indicants for difficult cases such as edentulous patients, etc. through conversion of the implant surface into hydrophilic nature, which is advantageous for synostosis, will be disclosed.

Exhibition zone for experiencing of innovative values ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ will also feature exhibition zone for experiencing of the innovative values of UV irradiator, ‘UV Activator2’, in addition to academic lectures.
Visitors will be able to personally check not only the unparalleled technological capabilities of ‘UV Activator2’ but also user interface with enhanced usability and design with high level of completeness. In addition, demonstration for the confirmation of the difference in the hydrophilic nature of the surface prior to and after UV irradiation will be given by increasing the hydrophilic nature of the implant surface by thoroughly and perfectly irradiating the titanium surface with high output UV lamp with application of 360° barrel type pattern.

Writing new history with ‘DIOnavi.’ UV DIO set a phenomenal record that contains the most definitive existence and symbolism among all digital guide systems by exceeding the 300,000 mark for the accumulated number of digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ embedding on October 15. In addition, with the rapid increase in the number of dental clinic introducing ‘UV Implant System’ along with digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’, the proliferation of the system that links ‘DIOnavi.’ and ‘UV Implant System’ is being further accelerated.
Moreover, with the forecast to exceed the 400,000 case mark for the accumulated number of implant embedded by using ‘DIOnavi.’ by the end of this year by including the cases of having executed implant by directly printing the guide in the clinic with the introduction of 3D printer, ‘DIO PROBO’, DIO is continuing to write new history as a phenomenon transcending its status as a trend.
Mr. Jin-Baek Kim, the representative director of DIO who personally led the R&D innovation, disclosed that, “while the purpose of R&D for ’UV Activator2’ was focused on the improvement of quality and enhancement of hydrophilicity of the titanium surface as well as essence of the value of restoration of the semi-permanent function of the lost tooth itself, the forthcoming seminar is prepared to expand the ‘DIO UV Implant System’ in early stage and to strengthen our market leadership,” and that, “DIO will further secure long-term clinical data centered around the system linked to ‘DIOnavi.’ and ‘UV Implant System’, and further acceleration of R&D innovation for the patients and clients in alignment with the changes in their lifestyles.”
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