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New record setter ‘DIOnavi.’, exceeded the 300,000 mark in the accumulated number of implants!

Korea 4 Nov, 2019

‘DIOnavi.’, writing a new history that transcends the general trend.
Digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ of DIO Corp. (CEO, Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, exceeded the 300,000 mark for the accumulated number of implants placed, in October this year. The dental industries are interested on how long this trend of seemingly ceaseless growth of ‘DIOnavi.’, rewriting new records, will continue.

‘DIOnavi.’, setting a new milestone in the history of digital guide system DIO, after having exceeded the 300,000 mark for the accumulated number of ‘DIOnavi.’ implants, is confident that it will reach the 400,000 mark soon.
This recent feature of having surpassed the 300,000 mark for ‘DIOnavi.’ is an extraordinary record clearly demonstrating the most definitive presence and symbolism of ‘DIOnavi.’ among all the digital guide systems in the world. This record is achieved without including the cases of dental clinics that adopted the 3D printer ‘DIO PROBO’ developed by DIO and placing the implant by directly printing the guide at the clinic. If these cases are included, it is forecasted that the 400,000 mark for the accumulated number of implant placed using ‘DIOnavi.’ will be exceeded within this year.
This means that more than 200,000 implants will be placed this year alone, which is same as the number of the total accumulated number of implants placed since the launching of ‘DIOnavi.’ until the end of last year. This clearly illustrates the rapid growth of ‘DIOnavi.’ continually writing new history by transcending its status as the foremost trend in the world.
DIO has plans to further the gap with its competitors in the premium markets including USA and China, by utilizing its fully digitalized lineup and aggressively pursuing differentiated sales strategy in the future.

‘DIOnavi.’, leading the digital dentistry industry with its innovative R&D technologies DIO has been concentrating on the innovation of digital dental treatments continuously, beginning with the launching of ‘DIOnavi.’ in 2014. Since then, DIO has launched 100% Full Digital Solution and ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ for edentulous patients on the foundation of the innovative technologies of ‘DIOnavi.’ with reputation for the highest level of precision. Global launching of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ was completed successfully in countries including the USA and China after having commenced in Taiwan, Australia and India in October last year. It was then introduced in Korea in June this year for the first time, drawing the attentions of dental clinicians in Korea.
In addition, DIO was honored with the ‘Grand Prize’ in the ‘Technology Innovation Division’ in the ‘7th Korea New Drugs Award’ in September in full recognition of the meritorious contributions made for technological innovations. 'The Korea New Drugs Award' is the most authoritative event for awarding the companies that achieved outstanding performances in the area of R&D in the pharmaceutical, bio and medical device industries in Korea by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety. ‘DIOnavi.’ was the clear choice for the award for the technology for the R&D technology innovation of DIO

‘DIOnavi.’, proliferation of ‘UV Implant System’ and hybrid treatment system DIO has been accumulating diversified research technologies by focusing on the titanium surface processing research for some time to improve the biological function of the titanium surface. As the result, the company officially launched the ‘UV Activator2’, a UV irradiator developed by adding innovation to innovation, in July this year, thereby fully drawing the attention and expectations of the relevant market.
In particular, the number of newly opening dental clinics that are employing ‘DIOnavi.’ with the highest implant placing precision and ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’, which is advantageous in osseointegration, is increasing rapidly. Collaboration of ‘DIOnavi.’ and ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’ can not only shorten the treatment period but also handle very difficult cases including completely edentulous patients. Accordingly, it is anticipated that the proliferation of ‘hybrid digital treatment system’ of using the both digital system together will be further accelerated.
The CEO, Jin-Baek Kim, who was in charge of the R&D technology innovation of DIO stated that, “DIO has already proven that its digital dentistry technological capabilities are the best in the world. Having already surpassed the 300,000 mark for the accumulated number of implants placed using digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’, we are looking forward to reaching the 400,000 mark in the near future,” and convey the pledge that, “DIO shall take the leading role in opening the door for the era of digital dental treatment in the future by continuously putting in our utmost efforts in the innovation of digital dental treatment technologies.”
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