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Interests heating up for the nationwide tour of DIO UV Implant Seminar

Korea 23 Nov, 2019

Demonstrating the value and excellence of ‘UV Implant System’
DIO Corp. (CEO, Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, announced the successful commencement of nationwide tour seminar by holding the ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINR’ in an event hall of POSCO P&S Tower in Gangnam, Seoul on November 23rd.

‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ is planned as a part of efforts to present a new paradigm under the digital treatment environment. As such, enormous success of the nationwide tour seminar was forecasted in its early stage of planning due to the fervent expectations of the clinical surgeons on the practical clinical lectures to be provided through the seminar that can not only shorten the treatment period but also enable them to overcome difficult case such as completely edentulous patients through provision of firm theoretical base on the ‘UV Implant System’ and ultra-hydrophilicity of the implant surface, which is advantageous for osseointegration.

First, Dr. Kang, Jaeseok (director of Mokpo Yedalm Dental Hospital) and Dr. Lee, Jeongheon (director of ATA Dental Clinic) gave lectures under the titles of ‘Overcoming difficult cases by using DIOnavi. and UV implant’ and ‘Utilization of navigation surgery and UV implant for successful treatment’. In particular, Dr. Kang and Dr. Lee was able to draw out passionate responses and praise from the audience by presenting extensive range of their practical know-how on the ‘Hybrid digital treatment system’ that utilizes only the outstanding advantages of ‘Guided Flapless Surgery’ and ‘UV Implant System’ of ‘DIOnavi.’

Then, Dr. Oh, Minseok (general manager of Seon Dental Hospital) gave a clinical case-oriented lecture on the reconstruction of completely edentulous case using UV implant in ‘Flap Surgery’ under the title of ‘Complete edentulous reconstruction through utilization of UV’, which also drew out fervent applause from the audience.

Lastly, Dr. Hyeon, Yeonggeun (director of Perio Implant Dental Clinic) gave a lecture on the theoretical background and clinical cases of UV implant under the title of ‘UV implant, how does it differ?’ With enormous applause from audience, his lecture concluded the first finale of the ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ tour.

Jin-Baek Kim, CEO of DIO, commented that, “this seminar is composed of practical clinical case-oriented lectures aimed at providing the opportunity for all the audiences to personally experience the value and excellence of the ‘UV Implant System’ completed through the R&D innovation of DIO,” and pledged that, “by continuing the responses displayed by the audiences, we will make thorough preparations to have the excellence of ‘UV Implant System’ be known widely throughout the country by successfully completing the seminar scheduled for Busan and Daejeon on November 30 and December 7, respectively.”
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