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DIO Corp., successfully completed its exhibition in the ‘82nd Korean Academy of Prosthodontics

Korea 30 Nov, 2019

Popular with 3D printing material for Final Prosthesis
DIO Corp. (CEO, Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, successfully completed its participation in the ‘82nd Korean Academy of Prosthodontics’ held at the Convention Hall of Gwanggaeto Building of Sejong University over 2-day period from November 30 to December 1.

The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics included invitational lecture by prominent scholars at home and abroad under the theme of ’prosthodontics, a leap for the future’, as well as presentation of paper and exhibition of dental materials and devices at the same time.

During this exhibition, DIO displayed ‘DIO PROBO’, a 3D printer with an improvement of the output speed 2 times faster than before (28 minutes for surgical guide, 16 minutes for single crown and 37 minutes for model), ‘PrograMill PM7’ and ‘PM1’ of Ivoclar Digital, a milling machine with unparalleled speed and accuracy with the latest technology, and ‘PL900S’ of IDC with the best cost-effectiveness, that drew the attention of the visitors and participants.

In particular, DIO received attention once again by introducing ‘The Final Prosthesis’, a composite material for 3D printing that was first introduced at the “YESDEX 2019” in November. ‘Final Prosthesis’, which is a 3D printing material of DIO being prepared for completion of permits and approval in Korea by April next year, is a biocompatible composite 3D printing material with properties that are closest to the natural tooth in all of aesthetic, functional and structural perspectives among all currently available materials. As such, it drew the most extensive interest of the visitors with anticipation that it will become an important key to opening the era of digital 3D printing prosthesis. In addition, there were ceaseless inquiries on ‘DIOnavi’, capable of accurate placement of prosthesis through the ‘Top-Down’ format implant planning that considers even the occlusion and dispersion of stress.

Mr. Jin-Baek Kim, CEO of DIO, who personally leads R&D innovation emphasized that, “DIO is close to the conclusion of the digital prosthesis solution development with the most advanced technologies in the world,” and that, “the completion of processes for acquisition of permits and approvals for the ‘Final Prosthesis’, a 3D printing material, in April next year will become the core technology of DIO to change the trends in the prosthesis market with the force of an eye of a typhoon.”
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