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Splendid finale of the nationwide tour of ‘DIO UV IMPLANT SEMINAR’ in Daejeon.

Korea 7 Dec, 2019

The ‘UV implant syndrome’ hit throughout the country.
DIO Corp. (representative director: Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, successfully completed the nationwide tour of ‘UV IMPLANT SEMINAR 2019’ to open the era of new surface processing. The nationwide tour seminar that splendidly began in Seoul on November 23 was successfully concluded on December 7 in Daejeon after having completed the seminar in Busan on November 30.

This is the standard for ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’. During this seminar, extensive range of clinical cases that amazed even the lecturers who prepared the lectures on the innovation of implant ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’ that enables the remarkable ossteoingeration in early stage were introduced.

Dr. Son, Hyeon Rak (director of Newton Dental Hospital) and Dr. Hyeon, Yeong Geun (director of Perioplant) provided lecture for the theoretical considerations and clinical utilization section of the ‘UV implant’.

Dr. Son demonstrated the standards for lecture on ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’ with 4 unit themes including △ molecular unit, △ cellular unit, △ implant unit and △ clinical utilization unit for the theoretical considerations and clinical utilization of ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’ as the means of overcoming the limitations of SLA surface processing under the topic of ‘Why UV implant?’

In particular, approaches were made on the basis of firm theoretical background and evidences. In addition, by presenting that ossteointegration is achieved faster and stronger on the UV irradiated implant surfaces in comparison to that of ordinary SLA implant surface on the basis of the clinical cases of direct utilization at dental clinic, thereby demonstrating its utilization and excellence in clinical application to resolve all the theoretical curiosities and inquiries.

Era of hyper-connectivity? It is now an ear of ‘hybrid digital treatment system’. Dr. Kang, Jae Seok (director of Mokpo Yedam Dental Hospital) and Dr. Lee, Jeong Heon (director of ATA Dental Clinic) were in charge of the sections on the digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ with the highest precision and ‘Hybrid digital treatment system’ that utilized only the outstanding advantages of ‘UV implant’.

Dr. Kang gave lecture on the clinical case in which △ difficult cases such as edentulous patient accompanied by maxillary sinus augmentation and △ a failed case due to osteonecrosis after the placement of implant were overcome by using ‘UV implant’, while Dr. Lee gave lecture on the treatment method with high predictability of ‘Hybrid digital treatment system’ characterized by the best combination in quick ossteointegration and lowering implant failure rate for difficult cases with inadequate alveolar bone. Analogue? ‘Flap Surgery’ + ‘UV implant’ presented by a foremost expert Dr. Oh, Min Seok (general manager of Seon Dental Hospital) provided lecture in the section on ‘UV IMPLANT SYSTEM’ that shines even in the area of implant ‘Flap Surgery’.

Dr. Oh, as a foremost expert who conducted placement of almost 10,000 implants over the last 8 years, managed to present his lecture extremely smoothly. More than 9,000 SLA surface treated implants he placed displayed success rate of more than 98% while more than 450 UV irradiated implants displayed placement success rate of more than 99%. Although the success rates for the simple SLA surface treated implants and UV irradiated implants were both highly significant, it was announced that placing UV irradiated implants were even more meaningful because the success rate was achieved for difficult cases such as △ patients with metabolic disease or elderly patients, △ case with poor osseous tissues or immediate loading after tooth extraction and △ cases needing bone graft due to insufficient residual bones, etc.

In addition, it was emphasized that there is no reason not to choose ‘UV implant’ since ‘UV Activator2’ can easily cope with variables such as the changes in the fixture size at the time of implant surgery due to its short UV irradiation period of only 20 seconds and shortens the loading period by increasing the early stage ossteointegration rate.

Mr. Jin-Baek Kim, CEO of DIO who took overall charge of the seminar, stated that, “the lecturers who prepared the lectures disclosed the excellence of ‘UV Implant System’ without any addition or omission by presenting the amazing clinical results,” and that, “we will focus all our capabilities in quick spread of ‘UV Implant System’ throughout the world with this seminar as the triggering and catalytic event.”

Meanwhile, more than 85% of the respondents of the questionnaire survey on the satisfaction levels of the seminar responded that they are satisfactory on the overall aspects of the seminar operation with more than 82% of the respondents considering ‘I would like eagerly to use UV implant’ at their clinic, making it a highly satisfactory seminar.
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