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Korea 2 March, 2020

Execution of commemorative event for opening of ‘Electronic Order Service’.
DIO Corp. (CEO: Jinbaek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, will open and commence ‘Electronic Order Service’, an exclusive site for online ordering, for dental clinics to place orders for products conveniently.

The ‘Electronic Order Service’ of DIO enables the dental clinics to conveniently and quickly place orders for products through PC and mobile that previously had to be ordered through sales representatives in the past. In addition, it will also provide integrated transaction information service that helps make inquiries on the details of the transaction including the current status of contracts, orders placed, and filing of returned products through the online site.

Mr. Min-Hoon Jang, general manager of the PR team, emphasized that, “DIO has put efforts to broaden the contact points with the customers and provide services for easier and more convenient order placement by the dental clinics through the ‘Electronic Order Service’,” and added that, “DIO shall put utmost efforts to become a company capable of providing the maximum satisfaction to our customers by providing more innovative and advanced systems and services in the future.”

Meanwhile, DIO, in commemoration of the opening of the ‘Electronic Order Service’, is executing diversified events for all customers who place orders through the website. Starbucks coffee coupon is presented to the customers who place the 1st order and snacks valued at the maximum of 300,000 Won will be provided to the customers according to their monthly order volumes. More details of the event can be found in the online site for the ‘Electronic Order Service’ (http://crm.dio.co.kr).
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