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DIO Corp., held the 32nd annual meeting of stockholders

Korea 24 March, 2020

Aiming to lead the new digital dentistry market
DIO Corp. (CEO: Jinbaek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, held the 32nd annual meeting of stockholders (hereinafter, General Meeting) at its headquarters in Centum, Busan on March 24.
At the general meeting, participated by stockholders, Mr. Jincheol Kim, the chairman, and Mr. Jinbaek Kim, the CEO, approved the agendas in the order of reports on △ auditing, △ sales, △ appointment of external auditor, △ status of operation of the internal accounting system management, △ approval of the financial statements, △ approval of the upper limit of remunerations for the directors, and △ approval of the upper limit of remunerations for the auditors, and the approval of the stockholders thereof for the fiscal year of 2019 without any amendment to the agendas.
During the General Meeting, Mr. Jinbaek Kim, the CEO, conveyed “sincere gratitude to the stockholders who participated in the general meeting of stockholders in spite of the uneasy situation due to the proliferation of COVID-19,” and stated that, “DIO achieved the highest performances in the sales revenue, operating profit and net profit for the term in the history of the company by leading innovations in all aspects of dentistry throughout the last year.”
In addition, he emphasized that, “with respect to the overseas businesses, we have been drawing the attention of the world by acquiring ‘Whitecap Institute’, an educational institution specializing in implant in the USA, and entering into long-term supply contract for ‘Full Digital Solution’ valued at US$ 50 million with the ‘Renew Dental’ Group that owns large-scale network dental hospitals in the US, an evidence that the innovative technological capabilities of DIO is well-recognized in the US with the largest dental market in the world.”
Lastly, Mr. Jinbaek Kim, the CEO, pledged that, “we will continue to lead new innovations in the dental 3D printing market including the development of advanced biocompatible dental photopolymerization material for 3D printing (C&B, SG, Cast, Model and Denture) as well as the development of the new material for final prosthesis, as we have been successful in the development of 3D printer, which is being evaluated a core technology in the 4th industrial revolution, on our own.”
Meanwhile, DIO introduced electronic voting system as a part of its efforts to strengthen the rights of the stockholders, beginning with the aforementioned 32nd general meeting of stockholders, thereby enhancing the convenience in exercising the voting rights of the stockholders.
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