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DIO launched A Digital Clear Aligner ‘Orthonavi. Clear Aligner’

Korea 3 June, 2020

Going beyond digital implants, DIO leads the market in digital clear aligners.
DIO (CEO Kim Jinbaek), the leading company in digital dentistry, began to strengthen its dominance in the digital orthodontic market by entering the digital clear aligner market. On June 1st, the digital clear aligner ‘DIO Ortho navi.
Clear Aligner’ has completed the acquisition of the Korean domestic license for sale and is preparing to launch the product in the second half of this year (2020).

It is true that the conventional clear aligner has a long treatment period and difficulties towards the end of treatment.
The DIO Ortho navi. Clear Aligner is a system that dramatically improves the disadvantages of the conventional clear aligner.

The disadvantages of the conventional clear aligner were approached in reverse, creating a new attachment and minimizing discomfort for patients with three steps of clear aligner (Soft, Medium, Hard).
In addition, it is possible to expect more sophisticated treatment results by dividing the treatment process into stages, evaluating treatment results by stage, and applying a system to revise treatment goals according to the results.
In order to provide more stable orthodontic treatment and to reduce the financial burden on patients, up to 50% of additional clear aligner parts are provided during the full treatment.

In particular, the manufacturing period for clear aligners generally take longer than 30 days, but the DIO Ortho navi. Clear Aligner can be delivered within two weeks thanks to the online order system and fast delivery.

The homepage also provides a simulation service for before and after orthodontic treatment, as well as services that make treatment easier and safer for both clinician and patient.

“The advantage of DIO’s 3D printed orthodontics has already been verified through clinical results,” said Jangsun Lee, general manager of DIO's Orthodontic Development Team.
“DIO strengthens the connection between the customized 3D printing and the clear aligner and takes advantage of technologies of each device.
We will use it to provide a total digital orthodontic solution that provides both precision and convenience of orthodontic treatment.”
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